Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Okoboji 2010

After a week of being back to "normal" and getting into the swing of things, I decided I should tell you about our trip to Okoboji this year. I was so excited to take Delaney! I have been going up to Okoboji since I was a baby too, virtually every summer with just a couple exceptions! I hope that Delaney will have the opportunity to do this too and love it up there as much as I do!

We had perfect weather the entire time we were there. We got up there the morning after a serious storm that caused major damage to boats, docks, and trees. I'm so glad we missed that! It was warm enough to be out on the water and still be comfortable pretty much every day. It rained a few times, but always at night so it didn't change any of our plans. We went so many places and did so many things...it was a great getaway after a crazy few months at home, but man it is hard to travel and plan for a trip like this with a little one! We traveled with my parents, siblings, and my aunt & uncle and cousins. We had four vehicles packed to the top!

Delaney was spoiled the entire time by her grandparents and aunt and uncles. She loved all the attention, and seems to be a little disappointed when it's just us at home! She got to do a lot of shopping, go on a couple boat rides, and do a little swimming before she came down with her first cold and started working on her teeth! She loved the lake. She would sit outside with someone, and just watch the water. She also had quite the time in her little swimming pool. This was a great $6 investment of Grandma B's, and I'm sure we'll get a lot more use out of it at home!

Delaney had her first trip to the Barefoot Bar on Monday of that week. It was pretty hot that day, so we found a spot under a Tiki Hut in the shade. Delaney enjoyed an afternoon snack and was hanging out on Grandma when she had a massive #2 blow-out. Of course, being the genius, prepared mother that I am I had a back-up outfit in the bag, so we stripped her down and cleaned her up. We'll always be able to tell her that she got naked the first time she went to the Barefoot Bar! I'm sad we didn't document that experience properly, but I was elbow deep in clean up so stopping for a picture was not an option! I also got to enjoy the Rum Runner, I had been craving since last summer!
Delaney loved the boat rides she had. Because she wasn't feeling the best for a few days up there, she only got out on the boat twice. She loved it! She sat with Craig or I and gnawed on her life jacket. That thing was ridiculous, and I'm sure completely uncomfortable for her...but we have to have it! She didn't complain too much! The last night we were there was the annual fireworks show on the lake. She fell asleep before the show started, but the rest of us sure enjoyed it. I'd venture to say it was one of the top 3 fireworks shows I had ever seen. It's a whole different perspective seeing it from a boat over the water. So cool!

Craig had his share of ups and downs on the trip. His first morning of attempting to water ski was mildly successful. Witness accounts say he was "this" close to being up! He pulled a smooth move later that day by jumping on a tube with my cousin Trevor with his BlackBerry in his pocket. The phone spent the next few days in a bag of rice drying out. It's still functioning right now, but I'm not sure how long that will last. After getting his phone to dry land, Craig decide to tube solo and had a wicked crash. He's still sore two weeks later! He's getting too old for this stuff!I spent most of the trip with Delaney since she wasn't feeling the best. I did get out on the boat a couple afternoons while Grandma babysat, which was nice. I also did a little shopping during a couple of her naps! The rest of the week was spent eating, drinking, and relaxing! What more could you ask for?!? It was a nice break from the everyday grind, and I'm already looking forward to next year's trip!

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