Monday, March 29, 2010

10 days

Well, we've been parents for 1o days now. We've been home with Delaney for almost a week. I think all of us are adjusting fairly well, even Izzy! I even think I'm learning how to function with so much less sleep than I'm used too. Every day (and every night) is a little bit better.

Our primary objective these days is making sure Delaney is getting enough to eat. Since she was so tiny to start with, any weight loss is concerning. The good news is last week we bottomed out at 5 pounds 3 ounces on Wednesday, but turned the corner Thursday. We were back up to 5 pounds 7 ounces by Friday. We have another appointment on Wednesday, so we'll see where we are now but I'm guessing we're closing in on our starting point her birth weight of 5 pounds 12 ounces. I can see a difference in her as well. Her little cheeks are fuller and it looks like the preemie clothes will be outgrown very soon, as she's a lankly little thing.

We've been blessed with great family and friends over the last two weeks! We have had people do everything from cooking and cleaning for us to dog sitting. ALL of our parents and siblings have gone above & beyond the call of duty here making our transition into a family so much easier! We are truly blessed!

I think I'm healing fairly well. I have managed without the high-powered painkillers for a few days now, so I think that's a step in the right direction. I'm getting around a little faster every day with far less twinges of pain with each movement. I'd imagine in a few weeks I'll be as good as new! Now, if I could just get these CRAZY hormones back in check! Seriously, I'm sure my family is beginning to think I'm absolutely nuts by now! I should buy stock in Kleenex!

Izzy is adjusting to Delaney very well! She is very interested in every little sounds Delaney makes and every little movement! She is a very good big sister, and so far we couldn't have asked for a better reaction from her! I can't wait to see these two become best friends in the coming years!

Well, it's about time to feed Delaney! I'll leave you a few of the latest pics below!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

It's a girl!

Delaney Jo Mencke
March 19, 2010
12:05 PM
5 pounds 12 ounces
18 1/2 inches

Delaney made an early arrival yesterday after a long couple of days. Thursday, March 18th, started out like an ordinary day. Craig and I both went to work as usual, and we had a doctor's appointment scheduled for 3:15 Thursday afternoon. This appointment was to re-check my blood pressure and get the lab results of my 24 hour urine collection. We got to the appointment and started the usual routine: pee in a cup, step on the scale, listen to the heartbeat, measure the belly. Then, the doctor got to looking at the blood pressure readings and things began to change.

They decided to hook us up for another NST to check on baby and make sure baby was okay. We were all hooked up and chilling in the back room, while the doctors discussed what to do with me. Next thing we know, we are told that we will be sent over to Labor & Delivery at 5 p.m. Naturally, I freaked out a little bit and Craig got crazy excited. We walked into the office more prepared to be scheduled for an induction when we hit 37 weeks next Thursday or Friday, not right now! So, Craig made a few phone calls while I tried to compose myself. We headed over to L&D about 4:30p.m.

We got all checked in and I was hooked up to 2 IVs and a catheter by 6p.m. They placed the first Cytotec pill to start ripening my cervix. They inserted another one at around 10 p.m. I was also attached to a blood pressure cuff that automatically took my blood pressure reading every 15 minutes. So, between the hourly visits by the nurse and the 15 minutes intervals between arm strangulations by the cuff, I got maybe 30-45 minutes of sleep all night on Thursday. They decided I was having too many contractions with the Cytotec to have more doses of that, so at 2 a.m. they started the Pitocin. They started low and slowly upped the dosage gradually every 15-30 minutes. By 6 a.m., I was having decent contractions, but I was only dialated to about 1 1/2-2 centimeters. At 8, I was at only 2 centimeters, so my doctor decided to break my water to jump start things. All it did was start an hour long contraction with no rest periods. I contracted for that hour and was in more misery than I can ever remember. I was ready to throw in the towel. I had an epidural placed by 9 a.m., which helped a lot. I think my tube count was up to about 6 by this point. The epidural took away virtually any feeling of the contractions. I was having too many contractions and they were worried the baby would start suffering, so they slowed down the Pitocin and eventually stopped it just to give my body some rest periods. I continued to have contractions every minute or so until 11 a.m.

At about 11:20ish, Dr. Eisenhauer came into check my progress and discuss the options. I was still only 3 centimeters, after 3 hours on serious contractions and multiple other hours of ripening. 18hours and still virtually no progress. She said that she thought we were going to end up with a c-section. We had the option to continue down the road we were on for a while, but she was sure we'd end up with the same result. We decided not to wait for the inevitable. By 11:30 a.m., we were all being prepped for a c-section!

Miss Delaney Jo was born at 12:05 p.m. Considering how small she is and how early she is, she is perfect! So far, I think she has a lot of her daddy in her. She has big hands with really long fingers and really long feet! She also has a lot of curly hair and is fairly dark with some lighter sections! It's almost as if she has hi-lights! She also have gorgeous blue eyes, and her daddy's pouty lips! She is still super sleepy, but this is common in all newborns, especially early babies and smaller babies!

We are so far very fortunate to have her doing so well, and especially avoiding the NICU. Her lungs are good, which is a major concern with premature/early babies, so that is a huge relief! She is having a little trouble keeping her body temperatures up, so she did spend last night in the nursery under the warming lamps. She has maintained much better today! She is also well with the formula supplements, and we are both learning this breastfeeding business. Each time we get a little better!

We will post more pictures and stories later!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

2 Hours Later

Well, we spent an unexpected afternoon at the doctor's office today. I had a headache when I woke up this morning, so as instructed I ate and took some Tylenol. This didn't help, so I called my doctor's office as this was one of the things to keep an eye out for. A few phone calls later, I was instructed to come to the office for a blood pressure check.

We got there about 2, and got in pretty quickly considering we didn't have an appointment. I was right, my blood pressure was pretty high today 138/100 & 140/102. My pulse was also high, which makes sense. They decided to make sure the baby was doing ok, so we did a NST for 20 minutes. (An NST is just a machine that monitors the baby's heartbeat as well as checks to see if I'm having any contractions.) We passed the test, but did find out that I'm having a few minor contractions every now and then that I hadn't really noticed. Crazy!

After the NST, I had to go to the lab for some blood tests. I also have the great pleasure of doing a 24 hour urine collection over the next 24 (22 1/2) hours. Awesome! I get to collect my pee and then deliver it to the lab tomorrow afternoon. The things we mothers do for our kids!

We have an appointment scheduled for Thursday afternoon to re-check my blood pressure and go over my lab results. We'll (the doctors will) decide at that point how to proceed. She did say today that if I was 37 weeks along, we'd be delivering our baby now. We are only at 35 weeks 5 days, so we're hoping to squeeze another week or so out of this kid. We shall see! All I know is I'm really looking forward to my pedicure with Kaitlyn tonight, and then I'd better get my hospital bag packed! Yikes! I have a feeling my days are numbered!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ready or Not...

Well, we had our bi-weekly doctor's appointment today. It was slightly more involved than our previous appointments. As it turns out, I have had elevated blood pressure throughout this pregnancy (which we knew), but it has steadily been getting higher over the last few appointments. The doctors says this is sometimes how prececlampsia starts. I am not at crazy high levels right now, but she said it could suddenly change and spike. At this point, we will just watch for signs that my blood pressure is getting too high and continue with our normal appointments. However, she did say don't be surprised if Dr. Eisenhower (we saw one of her partners today) decides it's time for us to have this baby sometime soon! Yikes! We go back in another two weeks unless something changes. At that point, I'll be just a few days shy of 37 weeks, which is full term! Holy smokes!

In other news, the baby had turned slightly in my belly and is now resting on my right side with his or her head down. This is good as last time he or she was chilling across my belly! This will help should the time for the baby's arrival come sooner than expected! I am also measuring right on target at 35 weeks and the baby's heartbeat was going strong at about 140 bpm. All of that is perfect and right as it should be!

We have been making a little progress with the baby name issue. Our boy names haven't varied much over the last 8 months. We are still liking Bennett Andrew & Cooper Bryant best. The girls have definitely been more of a challenge. Right now our favorites are Delaney Joanne, Peyton Jo, and Emerson Rose. We are still on the fence, so leave us a comment with your vote! Also, let us know if you think we're having a boy or a girl!

In other news, the Nebraska Boys State Basketball tournament starts in a couple days. We are so looking forward to cheering on the Bryant cousins with the rest of the team. Our first house-guests arrive tomorrow night. It should be a crazy, busy, fun weekend with lots of friends and family! Oh, and two days off work will be nice too!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What a Weekend!

We had a really fun weekend! We got to go home to Tekamah/Herman for the first time in a couple months. It was a long overdue trip! We got to spend some quality time with our families and enjoy what might be the last childless trip home! My Pampered Chef show at Jessica's on Saturday was a huge success...the biggest show I've had to date! Our baby shower on Sunday was so much fun! Auntie Jessica really outdid herself. We were again super spoiled by our families. Baby Mencke now has a serious stock of diapers built up, which is so great! We also got some other great necessities! I'm thinking it's about time I start getting the baby things washed and organized!

Last night, the Tekamah-Herman Boys Basketball team qualified for the state tournament for the first time in 22 years! Both of my cousins, Jacob & Trevor, are on the starting lineup. We made the trip up to Fremont to watch them play last night, which was a lot of fun! We're looking forward to cheering them on next week right here in Lincoln! I think Hotel de Mencke will be booked! It will be another fun weekend!

Nothing really new to report on Baby Mencke! Same old thing...swelling, no sleep, and back aches! The baby continues to kick me just in case I forget it's in there! My ribs are getting a little sore because of that! We are still struggling with Baby Girl names, so let us know if you have any suggestions! We're running out of time!

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