Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ready or Not...

Well, we had our bi-weekly doctor's appointment today. It was slightly more involved than our previous appointments. As it turns out, I have had elevated blood pressure throughout this pregnancy (which we knew), but it has steadily been getting higher over the last few appointments. The doctors says this is sometimes how prececlampsia starts. I am not at crazy high levels right now, but she said it could suddenly change and spike. At this point, we will just watch for signs that my blood pressure is getting too high and continue with our normal appointments. However, she did say don't be surprised if Dr. Eisenhower (we saw one of her partners today) decides it's time for us to have this baby sometime soon! Yikes! We go back in another two weeks unless something changes. At that point, I'll be just a few days shy of 37 weeks, which is full term! Holy smokes!

In other news, the baby had turned slightly in my belly and is now resting on my right side with his or her head down. This is good as last time he or she was chilling across my belly! This will help should the time for the baby's arrival come sooner than expected! I am also measuring right on target at 35 weeks and the baby's heartbeat was going strong at about 140 bpm. All of that is perfect and right as it should be!

We have been making a little progress with the baby name issue. Our boy names haven't varied much over the last 8 months. We are still liking Bennett Andrew & Cooper Bryant best. The girls have definitely been more of a challenge. Right now our favorites are Delaney Joanne, Peyton Jo, and Emerson Rose. We are still on the fence, so leave us a comment with your vote! Also, let us know if you think we're having a boy or a girl!

In other news, the Nebraska Boys State Basketball tournament starts in a couple days. We are so looking forward to cheering on the Bryant cousins with the rest of the team. Our first house-guests arrive tomorrow night. It should be a crazy, busy, fun weekend with lots of friends and family! Oh, and two days off work will be nice too!

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