Monday, May 12, 2014

Cooper-5 Months

Cooper-5 Months
Well, our little man is 5 months old as of last Saturday!  I can't believe it!  The last 5 months have flown by!  Cooper is growing and changing every day!  He continues to be the happiest baby on the planet (I'm not biased at all).  He has met some milestones lately!  He rolled over (FINALLY) on Saturday from back to front.  He could have been rolling either direction for about a month now, but he's just been content to hang out as he is.  Saturday he finally put on a show for his Great Grandparents, and flipped over to big applause!  It was a really special moment!  He hasn't done it since, but I'm sure it's just a matter of time before he decides mobility is pretty fun!  

He is still working on this teeth.  We discovered a couple weeks ago that not only are his bottom two teeth about ready, but his top two teeth aren't far behind.  We had about 2-3 weeks in there that weren't much fun.  He was pretty miserable and clingy for a while.  They seem to have let up a bit for the last 10 days or so, which we are so grateful for!  It wouldn't surprise me at all if those popped through this month!  

He has also started on solid foods!  We got the "green light" to give a go from our pediatrician at his 4 month check-up, but due to the teething unhappiness and crazy life we have we didn't get around to actually trying it until April 26th.  We started with oatmeal cereal as that was his sister's favorite, he gave me a couple funny looks than then went to town.  He cleaned his bowl with his first try.  I see some big grocery bills in our future.  We started on the veggie trials last week.  So far, he's had squash & carrots.  Again, he gave me a couple funny looks with the first few bites, but seems to enjoy them.  It appears as though so far he's not much of a picky eater!  
I think we're weighing in around the 15lb mark, but I haven't officially weighed him in a few weeks.  His 3 month clothes are suddenly getting a little short, so I'm thinking he's getting taller too.  We have graduated to pretty much at 6 month clothes and we'll be moving to size 2 diapers here soon too!  Speaking of clothes, this kids LOVES to be naked.  He has been enjoying the warmer temperatures because he doesn't have to be so bundled up.  He also loves to have his socks off to play with (a.k.a. suck on) his toes!  

Cooper's personality continues to shine!  He's a people person already.  He loves to listen and watch people talk.  He doesn't freak out in noisy, crazy chaos, and he loves his sister.  She can get him giggling with the silliest stuff!  She is all smiles, and has found his voice.  He babbles, laughs, "coughs", and has been experimenting with various grunts and raspberries.  He is still a Momma's boy, which I love, but he doesn't mind getting passed around a bit either.  

It's hard to imagine life before Cooper.  He has just completed our family in a way that is simply perfect!  We love you little man, to the moon & back!  We are blessed...

Just for fun, here's a picture of big sister, Delaney, when she was 5 months old...

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