Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up

We had a good Memorial Day weekend full of friends, family, parties, & fun!  So much fun, in fact, that I didn't take ONE, single picture!  I'm getting pretty bad about that!  All of these pictures are of the last few weeks from my phone. 

Saturday night, Craig & I had our 10 year High School Reunion.  We had about half of our classmates show up, so it was fun to catch up with some of them.  It's pretty crazy to think how many of us live within about 100 miles of Tekamah, and we haven't seen some of them since the day we graduated.  Two of my favorite people on the planet conspired against me at the party, and I ended up having a little bit (WAY) too much fun!  I sure paid for it on Sunday!  In fact, I'm still exhausted and half a headache...

Sunday we celebrated Chase's 1st birthday with a Monster themed party!  In my hungover state, I didn't document it at all, but it was a lot of fun!  Lots of family, great food, and lots of laughs!  Delaney had a great time, and Chase hung in there pretty well for going on no nap!  He was pretty timid with his little Monster cake, and he got bored with his gifts after about two of them.  His favorite thing was the tissue paper in the gift bags!  He is a full-time walker now, and he's very curious so they will have a busy summer of chasing him around ahead of them.  Poor little guy had tubes put in his ears on Tuesday morning.  He made it in and out of surgery without any trouble, so let's hope he's done with those pesky ear infections! 

We made it back home late Sunday afternoon, and walked into the sauna that was our house.  When we got home it was 85 degrees in there, and the AC was running.  It didn't take Craig longer than about 20 seconds to realize we had a big problem.  Given that the AC unit is 13 years old, we figured it was toast and braced for the worse.  Since it was Sunday night of a holiday weekend, we had to tough it out for a couple days.  We all took cold showers before bedtime, ran every fan we had, and slept with as many windows open as we could.  When you have a freight train track in the backyard, this is a major challenge.  The good news is that it was just some small piece that was bad, and it was really dirty so after a few replacements and a good thorough cleaning we are back up & running!   A couple hours of work and $300 later we are comfortable once again!  (We were expecting to have to put in a whole new AC, which would have been around $3000 so to say we were thankful is a major understatement!)

Monday we tried to stay out of our house as much as we could as it was HOTT in there!  We had a picnic at the park, and D got in some serious playtime at the playground.  She settled in for a long nap Monday afternoon before we grilled some dinner with Uncle Chip & Aunt Lauren!  I did manage to get all our laundry done, so that was a success!

Delaney wanted a picture with her Elmo!  That girl LOVES Elmo!

A couple weeks ago we checked out Pioneers Park for a while.  Delaney got up close & personal with some geese!  Of course, she loved it!  I'm sure we'll be making another trip out there soon with proper geese-feeding supplies!

Little Miss D is becoming quite the challenging grocery shopping companion.  She doesn't like riding in the cart much anymore, and she likes to help with everything...including pushing the cart...

This is what a 3 1/2 hour nap does for Delaney!  One happy girl!

Delaney has developed an infatuation with watering plants.  She loves to help, even if she waters more mulch than plants!  Izzy makes a good supervisor!

She's very independent with pretty much everything these days.  She climbs up into the carseat by herself and buckles herself in.  After I tighten her up, she'll tell me if she wants to wear her sunglasses or if she wants her window or the moon roof open or closed.  Very bossy, this one! 

Monday, May 14, 2012

Catch up

We've been running a hundred different directions lately, so here's a pit of a catch up.  All these photos are random shots over the last couple weeks!  Some day I'll get serious and do a real post with real pictures instead of these pictures from my phone!

I've been saying I'm waiting for something "good" to blog about since my last post was kind of a downer, but if I didn't keep it real I'd never have anything to write about.  Grammy H. still isn't doing well.  She isn't improving at all really, and it looks like we are headed toward hospice care...sooner rather than later.  I did slip up to visit her for a little bit Saturday night, and I'm so glad I did!  I expected far worse, but she knew me immediately, and was very appreciative for the visit.  I delivered some hand-painted artwork from Delaney, so I hope that will brighter her little room up there a little bit! 

We did have some good news last week!  Jessica got a job with Storm Lake Public Schools!  They offered her the job about 24hours after she interviewed!  This takes some of the pressure off Nick for their big move to Storm Lake!  Now, they just need to sell their house and they'll be good to go!  They've had a few showings, so let's hope the right buyer comes along soon so they don't have to spend the whole summer apart or traveling back & forth!

We were lucky enough to be part of a good friend's wedding this past weekend!  Craig's college roommate Travis got married up in Omaha & Craig was one of his groomsman.  If you know Craig, he's the life of the party and he did not disappoint this weekend!  We had lots of fun catching up with some old & new friends, and getting all dressed up!  We even had some carefree moments on the dance floor, which is exactly what a stressed out momma needs from time-to-time! I, of course, didn't take a single picture all weekend, but it was a good one!  We are still very much recovering today!  We're getting a little too old for all those late nights and drinks! 

We celebrated Mother's Day with our mothers yesterday!  We are very lucky to have our mother's here close with us, so that we could see them to celebrate!  We couldn't pull off any of this craziness without their love & support, so we are very grateful!  Two-year-old's obviously have no idea what Mother's Day means is all about, but I felt the love from Delaney anyway!  She was a tired, hot mess by the time we got home, but I wouldn't trade any of it for a second! 

Speaking of Delaney, here are some of her latest highlights!  Enjoy!
Delaney's dinnertime antics have gotten a bit nutty lately!  She's very independent, so she won't wear a bib, sit in a high chair, or use "toddler-size" silverware.  It's always "Dinner & A Show" at our house!

Little Miss D is just getting into Dress Up activities.  It's not fairy princess crowns and gowns for this girl.  With the exception of Mommy's high heels, she's all about super hero capes and hats! 

Her hair is getting so long!  She can rock the piggies with no trouble these days!  The hardest part is getting her to sit still long enough to put them in!

Our gauntlet of weekend travels, and as you can see Delaney is enjoying it!  The mere mention of grandparents, and she's bouncing off the walls!  I hate to "send her away" so much, but I love that she's getting lots of quality time with all her grandparents that love her to pieces!

Delaney has become very musical lately!  She's always singing one of her songs.  Her favorites are ABCs, Twinkle Twinkle, and Rock-a-bye Baby!  She has also decided that Mommy isn't allowed to sing in the car anymore and Daddy isn't allowed to whistling!  So bossy!

My nemesis in the kitchen finally kicked the bucket last week, so I got a brand new dishwasher!  I'm such a nerd, but I was so excited...I HATED our old one!  This was supposed to be my Mother's Day gift, but Delaney (with help from Daddy) spoiled me anyway with a spa gift card! 

The farmer in Craig, couldn't resist the first shipment of fresh sweet corn at the grocery store a couple weeks ago!  It was actually pretty good considering it's so early and from a grocery store (we're used to fresh from the field corn at our house!)  As you can see, Delaney loved every last bite!

We have been trying to enjoy the beautiful spring "Summer" weather we've been having lately as much as we can!  This means that the little peanut is staying up a little later, but in the grand scheme of things it's totally worth it for moments like this! 

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