Monday, May 23, 2011

Chase is here!

Well after a crazy week of welcoming a new nephew, battling a horrendous sinus infection, and dealing with a computer whose hard drive has apparently crashed, I'm back. Obviously, the big news is that Chase Myran Mathistad was born last Wednesday, May 18th! He weighed 6lbs 9oz and was 20 inches long! After 9 long months of secrecy surrounding the name, it's Chase! I absolutely love it, and couldn't have guessed it in a million years!

(Since our computer isn't being nice, I haven't downloaded any picture from my camera, so we will have to do with photos I've received & taken with my phone...sorry they aren't the best quality).
Here's the little guy all tuckered out after a big day of entering the crazy world!
This was my first look at his open eyes! They are a deep blue right now, we'll see what they end up's a toss-up!
So far I think he is built like his mommy...long and lanky! He has a long neck like her and long limbs, fingers, and toes. However, in his face he looks like his daddy! A perfect combo!
He's all dressed up for his venture home! Too cute!
I drug myself out of bed finally on Saturday, so Delaney and I made a quick trip up to visit! (Craig had the unfortunate task of working on Saturday!) We were there for about 24 hours, and got in lots of Chase time! Delaney is still a little unsure of her little cousin. We definitely need to work on being gentle, and she gets quite jealous when I hold him! (Good thing we have no immediate plans for any siblings!)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Anniversary flowers!

Craig spoiled me today by sending these beautiful daisies to my office! favorite!

10 Years

Ten years ago today Craig and I went on our first date! I can't believe that 10 years have gone by already! We were 17 and ending our junior year in high school! We went to dinner & a movie! We ate at Burger King (ha! true story) and saw Along Came a Spider. Little did we know what we were starting that we are 10 years later. We have done a lot in those ten years, here are a few highlights:
  1. Graduating high school (05.2002) We graduated number 5 & 6 in our class of 52...the order is still up for debate!
  2. Attending & graduating college at UNL (me-5.2006, Craig-5.2007) We said "good-bye" to our little farm towns and headed for the big city of Lincoln! We had no idea this is where we would be making our home!
  3. Both purchased our first vehicles (me-11.2006, Craig-7.2007) This was a big deal for both of us, and we are just a couple months from having them both paid off!
  4. Entered the workforce full time (2006 & 2007) We quickly learned what the "real world" was like. We are still trying to adjust!
  5. Got Engaged (12.12.2007) We were supposed to celebrate my 24th birthday with our friends, but before dinner Craig proposed! Everyone was hoping, but I don't think anybody thought he would ever ask! Best Birthday Ever!
  6. Bought a house (06.26.2008) We closed on our house about 6 weeks before our wedding, but didn't move in until a week after our wedding right after our honeymoon! Almost 3 years later, we are still making it our home!
  7. Got Married! (08.08.08) One of the happiest days of my life! Our wedding day was perfect, perfect weather, all our friends & family there to celebrate, we couldn't have asked for more!
  8. Got a puppy (09.17.08) We saw little Izzy and instantly fell in love! She was and will always be our first-born! Our lives would be so empty with out that little fur-monster!
  9. Got pregnant (found out 08.07.09) We were blessed and didn't have to try long, we were both a little shocked when it happened! It was a great first anniversary present!
  10. Had Delaney Jo! (03.19.10) The happiest day of our lives! Delaney has definitely changed us, but I think for the better! Craig shows a completely different side when he's with his little girl...melt my heart!
We have traveled near & far together! We have made many new friends! We have lost others along the way! We have left our homes and moved into a home of our own! We have gone from single, to dating, to engaged, to married, to parents! We have laughed, cried, swore, and fought! We have been through a lot to say the least, and we have done it all together! We were so young and naive when we jumped into this with both feet, but I'm so thankful we did! I couldn't have picked a better partner for my life, and I can't wait to see what the next 10 years has in store for us! I love you Craig!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Road to Recovery

Well, I think I can safely say that the Mencke house is on the road to recovery. We have all been back to work/day care since Tuesday, and so far so good. So far, I have miraculously remained healthy despite being a human kleenex for Delaney for over a week now! Both Craig and Delaney have lingering sniffles and coughs, but they are doing much better!

I have continued with my 30 Day Shredding this week! I started Level 2 on Monday, and I have felt it all week! My wrist is starting to get a little sore (remember last summer when I had that weird tendinitis "BlackBerry tumb" thing?), so this morning I had to do a few "alternative" moves from Level 1. I hope I can continue my workouts with this improv substitution. I am starting to feel stronger and a little more fit, so I think it's definitely helping! So continuing the effort of full accountability...after a recommendation from a close friend who is looking fabulous these days, and who will remain nameless, I have started Weight Watchers this week! So far, I think it's a perfect fit for me. I don't have to deprive myself of the things I love, but I have to account for every bite or drink of food I take and stay within my limits! My problem all along has been food, and more specifically portion control and self control, so this is a great step in the right directly for me! So far, I'm loving it, and cautiously optimistic for results!

We have a busy Mother's Day weekend planned with hopes of seeing all our mothers! We are very blessed to have our mothers and grandmothers so close that we can celebrate with them! It should be a fun weekend, and a good test for my new diet! Happy Mother's day to my mom, mother-in-law, grandma, and all the other wonderful moms in my life!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Mencke Hospital

I'm home playing nurse today with two sick fun!

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