Sunday, August 22, 2010

A weekend at home

We decided to attempt cereal on Thursday night. It was a complete failure! She didn't swallow any of it, she didn't spit it out, she just held it in her mouth and screamed at us! I tried it again on Friday & Saturday with more success. I think we needed to make it thicker, the super runny consistency through her for a loop since it wasn't in her bottle! We're making progress, slowly but surely!We had Delaney's first sleepover on Saturday night. The Reinhart family came to stay with us! It was fun to spend some time with them, and the two kiddos had a pretty good time too! We hadn't seen Reed since the end of May, so he had changed quite a big! Delaney is definitely filling the gap size-wise. She's just a little shorter, but weighs almost the same!
Today we got together with both of Delaney's boyfriends for a little play date! We hadn't had all 3 babies together since Delaney was a few weeks old. My how they've changed! She is definitely catching up to those boys. The size differences are slowing going away! Here's a few of the best pictures. Getting all three's attention & smiles is nearly impossible!
Aren't they all so cute! We are all so lucky to have had them all so close to the same time! They are 5, 6, & 7 months old right now!
Delaney was over the picture taking portion of the play date. Her boyfriends tried to make her feel better. Parker started cracking jokes and Reed tried to comfort her! It was pretty funny!Here's Delaney's two studly boyfriends, Reed Reinhart (in the green) & Parker Aerni (with the frog). Aren't they a handsome duo? How will she ever choose?!?
Here's what the dads do at the play dates...don't ask!

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