Sunday, August 8, 2010

Happy 2nd Anniversary!

Two years ago I married my best friend in front of all our favorite people. It was such a great day. We chose 08.08.08 for our wedding day and planned for it to be 100 degrees, but we were blessed with an 85 degree day in August! Everyone we wanted to be there was there to celebrate with us, and it all went as planned! Aside from the day Delaney was born, it was the best day of my life!

I knew we had big things in store of us, but the last two years have just been a whirlwind! Right after our wedding, we took off for Mexico! What a trip that was! I loved it down there, and if we are even given the opportunity to go back we will! It's amazing! A week after we got back from Mexico, we moved out of our tiny apartment and into our house! A month later, we got our puppy Izzy! The day before our first anniversary, we found out we were expecting and last March we had our beautiful baby girl, Delaney! Obviously, I left out many things, but these are the highlights! I can only imagine what's ahead for us! I can't wait to find out! Happy Anniversary Craig!

We had so many great pictures taken that day, but these are some of my most favorite!
This was right after the first time we saw each other that day! I'm still very proud of myself for holding it together in that moment!
This is my favorite "formal" picture of us! Notice I'm standing a step above Craig & he's still taller than me...good thing I had a long dress!
Our formal "first" kiss! We were official at that point!
Here's our wild & crazy wedding party! We were so grateful to have them all there! We picked the perfect people for the perfect "jobs" that day. Sometimes wedding parties can add stress to the day, but ours was great! They all went above & beyond for us! This picture cracks me up every time I see it! Priceless!
After the ceremony we took off with all our "peeps" in a trolley! This was one of my favorite times of the day...just cruising around with our closest friends and family enjoying the moment!
I just love this favorite of all of them!

We share our anniversary with my parents! They were married 08.08.80, so they are celebrating 30 years today! We are so lucky to have them as parents! I hope they had a great time last night...more details later! Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!

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