Thursday, August 12, 2010

Advertures of Delaney

Well, our little girl has been pretty busy these days! For the last few weeks, she has been working on cutting her first couple teeth. So far they aren't through yet, but man have then been dealing her fits! The evenings have been especially awful on all four of us! The past couple days have been a little better! I wish she's get these babies through soon, so we can have our happy little girl back!
It's been soooo hot here, so one evening last week we got out Delaney's pool thinking she might enjoy a little swim. She tolerated it for all of 15 minutes, and then she decided it was too hot and her teeth hurt too much so she was done! It fun and cute while it lasted! We will have to get her in it again soon!
She was really fussy one night last week (what am I talking about, she was really fussy every night last week); anyway, I left the room for a few minutes and came back to find this. It was sooo cute! They were clones in awe of the TV. Yes, our four month old baby is a TV junkie! I did make a fabulous purchase earlier this week! For weeks I've been scouring Craig's list for Baby Einstein DVDs, well on Tuesday I found some! I got 10 DVDs for $30...what a steal! We've watched part of one, and she really enjoyed it! I think we'll get a lot of use out of that $30!
The other night she decided to take matters into her own hands and grabbed hold of her bottle. She looks like such a big girl holding it all by herself! It only lasted for a few seconds, but she has been working on it the last couple days, and I think soon she'll be on her own! Our little girl is growing up so fast!
I did an impromptu photo shoot tonight since she was in a good mood! I adore this picture, her baby blues are so bright & shiny! I managed to snap two pictures, and then she decided she was over the tummy time and rolled right over! So many things to do and so little time!

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