Saturday, July 31, 2010

4 Months...a little late

Our little Delaney Jo turned 4 months old almost 2 weeks ago, but I was without internet access at the time, so I'm a little late with this post. All of these pictures were taken on her actual 4 month birthday, July 19th. She was enjoying her first swimming experience lakeside in Okoboji! I think she's going to be a water baby. She had a great time just chilling in her little pool, splashing around! I'm planning to get her into the Float for Life classes as soon as she's old enough...I think they start around 9 months! Anyway, here's the latest in the wonderful world of Delaney at 4 months!
Just two days before her 4 months birthday, Delaney celebrated a major milestone...she rolled over! Of course, I have yet to catch this with a camera, but she had done it about 8 times now! While we were on vacation all we had was a tile floor, so she couldn't really get the hang of it there, but we're relearning now that we're back at home with carpet and so far she's doing great!
She had her official 4 month doctor's appointment last Monday, and boy has our little girl grown like a weed! She now weighs in at 13 pounds 10oz and measures about 24 1/2 inches long! She's in the 70th percentile for height. Looks like she might be tall like her daddy! She's exactly where she should be size and developmentally-wise. You'd never know that she was a whole month early! We also got the go ahead to try rice cereal on Monday. I plan to do that this weekend. I wanted her to get through all the potential side affects of her immunizations and also get over her first cold we've been battling before throwing "food" into the mix. I think by this weekend we should be good to go. We'll get out her high chair and wash up all her bowls & spoons. I can't believe my tiny little baby is ready for all of this!
Delaney is firmly in size 3 month clothes, except for anything that is footed...she's too long! There's that height again. She is just about ready to outgrow her size 1 diapers. They are "suddenly" tighter this week, so we are working our way through our last package. We'll move onto a box of Size 1-2 next week. Such a big girl! I think we are at the beginning stages of teething. She has really started some lovely drooling over the last couple weeks, along with her usual crazy amount of spit up. She also seems to be putting everything into her mouth and just gnawing away. The doctors says this can continue for quite awhile before we actually see a tooth, so we're just trying to keep her as comfortable as we can. We are now stocked up on teething rings, Baby Oralgel, and teething tablets!
She is still the best little sleeper we could ask for. She sleeps from about 10pm to 7am (give or take) every night and has since she was about 9 weeks old. She's still in her bassinet right now, but we will soon be transitioning to her crib in her own room. I wanted her to get through the immunizations and this cold before moving her. I will miss her being so close, but she's getting to the point where she doesn't look too comfortable in her small bassinet. She likes to sprawl out while she sleeps, and with her being so long that's getting harder to do in the bassinet! I hope to have her in her crib all night every night by 5 months...wish us luck!
She had more firsts this last month. Obviously she was baptized, but that's more of a one & only than a "first". She did attend her first movie, Despicable Me 3D, with her cousins. She slept through the whole thing. She also got her first pedicure...we found this great stuff called Piggy Paint. It's nail polish that is safe for little ones! Moms of baby girls, check it out! She got her first! She was a pretty unhappy little girl for a couple days, but it seems to be getting better. I knew she would eventually get sick, but I didn't think it would happen this soon! She also took her first vacation to Okoboji last week! Aside from starting the teething stuff and getting her first cold, she did so well! We went to so many places and did so many things, and she was such a trooper. She also handled the long car ride so well! She also had her first boat ride last week on Uncle Nick's boat...she loved it! She is becoming so playful and vocal. She will just lay on the floor and kick & flail about. She is also finding her voice. She's starting to "talk" to herself more and more, and we're getting giggles out of her more often. That's now my favorite noise! She loves music and is becoming a TV addict. I need to get some Baby Einstein DVDs because I think she would really like them. I'm not sure how well she sees, but I think she likes the music and colors of the TV. We have such a good baby! I can't believe she's already 4 months old! We love you peanut!

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