Tuesday, July 13, 2010

One Blessed Baby...

We had one very special weekend! Delaney Jo was baptized on Sunday! It was a great day. She got to spend it with all of her grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. She truly is one blessed little girl! She tolerated all of it very well. She got hungry right before the actual baptism, but we managed to feed her quickly and she did very well afterwards. She was so cute when Fr. Kelly was anointing her with the oils and giving her the blessings. She just stared up at him with her big, blue eyes! Here are some pictures from Sunday! Enjoy! We're busy this week preparing for our big trip to Lake Okoboji next week! Yippee!
Here she is getting baptized! She squirmed a little big, but didn't cry much, even when the holy water got in her eyes!
This is how she was for the rest of the baptism ceremony...wide eyed, taking it all in! It's almost like she knew how important it was and that it was all about her!
Here's Delaney with her godparents...Uncle Brent, Aunt Jessica, & Uncle Nick. She's one lucky little girl to have all of them looking out for her!Here's a family photo of the day. Craig ditched he tie as soon as we got to Lazlo's for lunch, but I think we all look pretty good nonetheless! Didn't Delaney look cute?!?
Here's the Bryant clan! We were a rather colorful bunch on Sunday! I'm so glad everyone was able to share the day with us!
We finally took the 4 Generation photo on Sunday. Here we are, baby, mom, Grandma, Great-Grandma! We're pretty lucky to have this opportunity!
Here's the Mencke family! We were so excited Brent, Buffye, and the kids were able to spend Delaney's special day with us! They made a special trip back from Colorado just for her! We missed Great-Grandma & Great-Grandpa Wortman, but I hear Grandma's feeling a lot better!

Like I said, it was a crazy, fun weekend! We cannot thank our families enough for taking the time to make it such a special day for Delaney! We are so blessed, and Delaney is one loved little girl!

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