Saturday, July 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Izzy!

I thought I had this "scheduled" to post on Izzy's actual birthday, but apparently not! She turned 2 on July 17th!

Hi Izzy,
Even though we are far apart, we are still thinking of you and missing you on your second Birthday! We hope you're having fun at Doggie Daycare today, and enjoying all the other puppies on your birthday! We will be home soon, and plan to celebrate your birthday along with Daddy's. You will still have your birthday cheeseburger, it will just be a few days late!
We love you!
Love, Mommy, Daddy, and your baby

Here's a little walk down memory lane through the last 2 years with Izzy!
This is my favorite puppy picture of Izzy! We took this the day we got Izzy, September 26, 2008! My how she's changed, but boy was she a cute little puppy!
This is one of my all time favorite pictures of Izzy! It's hard to remember she was small enough for this little ensemble, but she sure made one cute little Underdog! Now, the costume is way too small for her since she's all grown up!
This is a classic picture of Izzy! We get this look a lot from her. It's crazy how brown her face and ears have gotten compared to her puppy pictures!
Here's Izzy last Christmas in her pretty sweater! Izzy is not a fan of the snow & cold, so with this past crazy winter, we got her this little sweater. She loved it! She would go get it and bring it to us to put on her when she was cold! Here's Izzy helping us get Delaney's room ready. She loved hanging out in there with us while we were getting it all ready. She still likes to hang out in there when we're in there with Delaney!
Here's the biggest shock to Izzy's world...Delaney. Izzy has been a great big sister to D, and Delaney is starting to notice Izzy more and more every day! They will be great friends!

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