Monday, October 31, 2011

hAlLoWeEn 2011

We have been celebrating Halloween for almost a week now!  I'll sum up our festivities with pictures as they are far more fun than my mindless rambling...

We started off with a date with Parker to Boo at the Zoo last week!  Delaney wasn't feeling the greatest that night (nasty head cold), so she was pretty content to ride along in the stroller and munch on Goldfish crackers!

Friday night we carved pumpkins...with, power tools.  Actually I should say, Craig carved pumpkins and Delaney & I watched.  I think they turned out very cool, and they only took about 5 minutes each! 
Saturday night, Craig's brother & sister-in-law hosted an Adult's Only Halloween Bash.  Can you guess who we went as...your favorite cousin's from Christmas Vacation...Eddie & Catherine.  (Of course, I don't have a decent picture of the two of us, so this will have to do!)   Brent started out as Don King type character, but ended the night like a crazy Elvis...

Tonight we went Trick or Treating around the neighborhood with some of our neighbors.  I fully expected Delaney to ride in her wagon, munch on some crackers, and look at everyone like we were crazy!  No...this girl wanted to join the fun!  She ran from house to house through most of the neighborhood.  She kept up with the big kids pretty good, and gave Mommy & Daddy a workout!  She did take a few wagon breaks, so I was able to get a few picture of her!  She was a busy girl tonight, and had tons of fun!

We ended the night with some yummy cheesecake and ice cream across the street!  Delaney thoroughly enjoyed that as well!  Hope you all had a fun  Halloween!  (Oh, and Delaney supposed to be a bumble bee if you couldn't tell!)

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