Sunday, November 6, 2011

Professional sliding with Miss D

We had a fun weekend here at the Mencke house.  We enjoyed a delicious dinner out at the Parthenon Friday night.  It had been quite a while just the three of us had eaten out.  Delaney really like the Greek food, and unexpectedly we got a show with our dinner.  There was a group of belly dancers that put on a performance right as we were finishing our meal.  Delaney, of course, was completely enamored by this.  She smiled and danced along. 

Last night, we traveled up to Omaha to celebrate Craig's brother's and nephew's birthdays.  Tyler's birthday was Friday and Brent's was today, so we split the difference and got together last night with everyone.  We had dinner at Farmer Brown's in Waterloo.  If you love a good small town steakhouse, this is a great one!  We all ate too much and then had DQ ice cream cake afterwards.  It was a fun family night!  Delaney even fell asleep on the way home, which is rare these days, so it was a great success! 

Today we had a quiet day at home.  It started off with another crappy football game at noon, that for some reason wasn't even on regular TV.  The ol' Green & Gold came through for us though this afternoon with a big win in San Diego.  It restored a little faith in our football teams, given how awful the Husker game and the Chiefs game tuned out it was a little bleak for a while!  (ouch!!)   Between games, we got Delaney out in the backyard to enjoy the weather.  Uncle Chip even came over to hang out for a while!  She went wild as usual, and demonstrated some killer sliding techniques on her swing set.  I thought you might enjoy some pictures & a  little video!

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