Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Busy Fall Weekend of Fun!

We decided to take advantage of the wonderful fall weather we've been having and plan a jam-packed weekend of fun things for Miss D!  We started off by heading out to Roca Berry Farm Pumpkin Patch in Roca (a small town south of Lincoln).  I had taken Delaney last year with her daycare, so this is becoming an annual tradition.  This year we went just the three of us, and we couldn't have had a better time!  We took a tun of pictures, so here are a few of my favorites!
 I think D was a little overwhelmed when we got there.  She was very serious, and just kinda took it all in for a while!  She did think the pumpkins were pretty cool though!
 Delaney rode around the pumpkin patch in style with her brand new wagon!
 Daddy and Delaney then got up close & personal with some animals, sheep specifically!  Delaney was a little unsure, and quote hesitant with the sheep and goats.  She did talk some  D sass to the chickens, which was pretty funny!
 Daddy & D then had some fun on the huge jumping pillows!  I stood on the sidelines due to my recent injury, but it was a lot of fun to watch them bounce!  I honestly think Craig had more fun than Delaney!
 Of course, we had to go for a spin on the "choo-choo"!
D enjoyed all the slides around the farm!  This was a little one she went down multiple times!  She even went down one of the big ones a couple time!  Such a big girl!
 Then, Daddy & D played on some hay bales!  D thought it was worthy of a round of applause!
 On our way to the hayrack ride, Delaney hopped through the Candy Land!
 Somehow I managed to not take any pictures in the actual pumpkin patch!  Ha!  Obviously, Delaney loves her prize pumpkin Daddy found for her!  She gave it kisses!
The morning was a huge success!  We all had a great time, and we had one tired little girl!  Here she is with all her pumpkins ready to go home!

Last night, we went up to visit the Reinhart Family and watch some Husker football!  We all know how that game turned out, but the kiddos had fun playing, and we had fun hanging out with old friends!  We put D down in Reed's pack-n-play at halftime, and she was out like a light.  After the game, we loaded her up and headed over to spend the night at Brent & Buffye's.   Obviously, this woke Delaney up!  We thought that we'd be able to get over there and put her back to bed.  Delaney had other plans!  After two hours of screaming, tears, and no sleep, Craig made the executive decision to head back to Lincoln!  So at 1:30 a.m. we were on the road!  Yikes!  That little stinker was awake until we were 2 miles from home, and then she crashed!  She officially got to bed at 2:30 a.m. and was wide awake this morning at 8!  Not cool!

We had made plans to go to the Omaha zoo today with Craig's entire family to celebrate his mom's birthday (which is later this week)!  Obviously, with our late night (or early morning) adventure we weren't going to make it to the Omaha zoo today.  We had no idea what kind of shape Delaney would be in, so we asked everyone to come to Lincoln instead!  They were all great and graciously agreed to come down here!  Delaney held up all day, and we were able to enjoy lunch at Famous Daves (YUM!) and a fun afternoon at the Lincoln Children's Zoo!  We ended the day with some birthday cake and put D down for a much needed nap!  A perfect way to end a fun weekend!  Here are some pictures from today...

 Delaney & Daddy fed the goats!  Delaney saw a lot of goats this weekend!
 She backed away and just laughed and laughed at them! 
 Then, D & Papa Farm checked out the penguins! 
 Auntie Buffye (or as D recently called her "FuFu"), D, & Cousin Sydney checked out some cute little guys hanging out with the wallaby.
 We attempted to get a picture of all 4 kiddos on the caterpillar...this is the best I got!  I think Grandma managed to get one!
 Tyler as a tree frog!
 Jaiden as a beautiful butterfly!
 Sydney as a very hungry caterpillar!
 Delaney was fascinated by the flamingos.  She kept running back over there to watch them!
 Delaney, Grandma Farm, & Sydney thought the pretty fishies were pretty cool!
We ended the trip by checking out the penguin show!  Delaney got a bird's eye view thanks to Daddy!

Now, it's time for bed!  Hope you had a fun weekend too!

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