Wednesday, October 19, 2011

One Month Later...

One month ago today Craig started his new job.  I think that over the last month he has adjusted fairly well.  He has complained about the commute far less than I expected, and he seems genuinely excited about going to work.  His hours obviously changed with the job move;  it's a little longer, with a lot more driving thrown in.  We have since discovered that he was replaced with 3 new additions in his old department.  It's pretty crazy that they needed 3 new guys to fill his shoes.  Let's just say his head was a little bigger after that little update!  He/we/everyone is completely at peace with his decision to move on, and it appears that his picked a quite opportune time to get out!

The adjustment period for me is still on-going.  I knew he'd be gone more, but I never took into consideration all the little things that would be up to me now.  The biggest of these is making dinner.  I know this sounds completely trivial in the grand scheme of things, but for the previous 5ish years Craig made dinner almost every night.  It was almost always in progress if not done by the time I walked in the door.  Boy, did I take this for granted!  Now, it's on me, which if you know us at all you know this is a problem.  Craig HATES my cooking, and because of that I have no confidence in my cooking abilities.  I love to bake, and will attempt most baking tasks but sometimes cooking freaks me out!  I have since implemented a weekly meal plan/grocery trip to help keep me sane.  This has definitely helped, but I still have to execute it on a daily basis.  I have also started making an effort to take full advantage of my crock's the perfect time of year for that thankfully!

Another issue with this new task of mine is that the dinner prep hour-ish is Delaney's toughest time of day!  She is super clingy during this time, which isn't good when I'm working at a hot stove.  She's starving and demands snacks as soon as we walk in the door.  (I think I've mentioned that we have created a snacking monster...yep...still having that issue!  I have the cabinet latches, we just need to get them installed so she can't help herself so much!)  If she's not singing her "Up, Mama, UP, UP, UP!" song, she's tormenting the dog, who is also at my feet trying to catch any little morsel of food that drops.  Craig can't understand why I'm so crabby when he walks in the door...I'm working on patience!  This hour of the day makes me wish (as horrible as it sounds) that Delaney had some interest in TV.  She won't sit and color or read a book for more than a minute or to, but to be able to sit her down to watch a video while I got dinner ready sounds like heaven.  I may need to figure out a way to rig the laptop up with a Baby Einstein so she can see it but not touch it.  She shows little to no interest in TV any of the time, so I don't know if this would even be worth the trouble.  I digress...

I'm trying to adjust, but it's a lot harder than I expected.  I think I was so worried about what this change would do to Craig, and I didn't think about what it actually meant for me.  Nevertheless, he's taking it all in stride and I feel like I'm barely keeping my head above water some days.  Don't get me wrong, this job change is exactly what we needed to do right now.  Sure different circumstances would make it easier, but it is what it is and for now we have to learn to deal with it.  We still get reminders almost every day that this was the right move for us!  Now, it I could just get those "SuperMom" powers that I keep dreaming about...we'll be set!

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