Monday, September 6, 2010

A weekend of poop

It seems like I spent the entire long weekend cleaning up poop. Well, maybe that's an exaggeration, but I do have a few funny poop stories! We started off with a massive lime green blowout at Scheel's on Saturday afternoon. Delaney and I were on a little outing with Auntie Buff while Daddy and Uncle Brent were priming for the big Husker game. All of a sudden I notice a little green peaking out of Delaney's Husker Red. I scoop her up and run into the bathroom. As I'm stripping her down to discover her up to her armpits in lime green poo, another shopper decided to wash her hands. Innocent enough, right? Well to say that little Miss D is terrified of the hand dryers at Scheel's would be an understatement. Delaney let loose screaming like I've only heard a handful of times. This lady found it quite amusing that Delaney was scared of the noise, so she allowed her daughter to use the dryers as well. I'm all for washing your hands after using the bathroom, but couldn't they have used the ol' air dry method out of common courtesy for my screaming child. Seriously! After about 10 minutes of screaming, wiping, and shhh-ing we exited the bathroom squeaky clean and continued our browsing.

Yesterday we spent the afternoon at my cousin Joe's house celebrating the September birthdays on the Hassler side. It was fun! Delaney was doted on the entire time, of course. After we left Joe's, we decided to swing by Brent & Buffye's new house because we were literally 5 minutes away. (FYI, they will be moving in at the beginning of December, so they are living in an apartment a few months.) As we were driving by, we find Brent, Buffye, and the kids hanging out in their backyard with some friends of theirs that live a couple streets down. Of course, we jump out and peak through their windows to check out the place. As we were loading Delaney back up in the carseat, Buffye notices that she's got a full diaper--just #1 this time! We do an impromptu diaper change right there on the sidewalk in the carseat with the breeze to our backs. Everything is good to go, and we get her loaded up.

As soon as Craig snaps her back into the truck, we hear this huge crash. There was a car accident on 168th street. Naturally all the men take off towards the scene. Meanwhile, we pile all the kids into our truck and I slowly and carefully drive the few blocks down to Holly (Buffye's friends) & Mike's house. Delaney was screaming the entire time, so I start getting her out of the carseat as soon as we pull in. It was then I discovered that familiar lime green creeping up her white romper. Holly graciously says she'll take me inside so that I can clean Delaney up. I follow her into this immaculate, gorgeous, massive home that looks like a scene from Pottery Barn. I was scared to walk in there, let alone take my child covered in poop in there. I carefully spread out the changing mat on her gorgeous, new carpet and manage to get Delaney changed and cleaned up without transferring any poo to anything else. It was a close one! What a spectacular home!

Today, we decide to venture out to Super Target to scope out some convertible carseats that were in the ad yesterday on sale. As we stand there debating between a few of the models, we decide that we'd actually try Delaney out in a couple of them. I take her out of her carseat, hand her off to Craig , and get a huge whiff of something nasty! I make myself a makeshift changing area on an empty display shelf and get her changed. We managed to catch it before we had a blowout, but it was a close one!

Poor girl, I don't know what I ate (back in mid-May) to upset her system so, but it sure got the best of her this weekend! Other than these few times, she's been it pretty good spirits. She's still fighting those darn teeth though. Man, I wish those suckers would just pop though!

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