Sunday, September 19, 2010

Our Latest Playdate

We had a super fun playdate with Delaney's boyfriends today. We hosted everyone at our house, so that Daddy could watch his Chiefs play. It was a lot of fun! The kids are all growing up so fast! They are all getting busier and busier so these pictures are getting harder and harder to get. Here's a few of the best!
Reed was a busy little boy crawling all over the place discovering all sorts of trouble. We were trying to talk Parker into joining in the crawling fun, but he's not quite there. His mommy is afraid he'll do it at daycare this week for the first time, and she'll miss it. We're all hoping he saves it for an evening at home with his folks!
As you can see, Delaney was quite the little diva today with the boys. Every single time one of the boys would touch here, whether it was just a little pat or trying to pull her hair, she screamed. It was quite the scene. She was definitely playing hard to get!

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