Thursday, September 23, 2010

Big Girl

Well, we had Delaney's 6 month check-up yesterday, and the main consensus is she's a big girl! She weighed in at 17lbs 14oz, so she's in the 75-90% on that. She's 25 1/2 inches long, so she's at about 25-50% on that. She's also in the 75-90% for head size, but I don't remember the specific measurement. She's a little ahead of the curve on weight and head size, but she's staying pretty proportionate so the doctor isn't concerned. I'm a little worried what will happen when she really starts eating the cereal, veggies, & fruit! Hopefully, she gets a little more mobile and burns off some of those extra calories! She suffered through 3 shots, but all in all handled them like a champ. Much better than her daddy would have done! I'm glad were done with those for a while, although we have to get a flu shot booster in a!

Tonight, we will packing and getting ready for a weekend trip home to see everybody. We haven't been home since the beginning of August, so we're a little overdue. Delaney has a lot of people up there that are missing her like crazy! I'm sure she will be spoiled and doted on all weekend! I'm looking forward to getting out of town for a little while and seeing everybody. We will also be celebrating my dad's birthday, which should be fun!

Craig is slowly recovering from a virus that's been kicking his butt for a week now! So far Delaney and I have managed to stay healthy, and he seems to be on the mend. Nothing a little extra rest, another Monday off work, and some extra Halo playing couldn't cure!

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