Saturday, September 4, 2010

Daily Dealing with Diva D!

Time seems to be getting away from me lately. I go into every day with a "list" of things I want to accomplish, and when it's all said and done at the end of the day very few things are crossed off that list. It seems like there is so little time to do so many things. I'm also very easily distracted by a little Diva named Delaney, so that may explain a few things. She's so worth it though!
We are still battling with these darn teeth. She has been working on them for almost 2 months now. Every morning I wake up and think I'm finally going to see one has popped through, but so far no luck. Poor baby, she has had some really rough days. It just breaks my heart to see her suffer. I hope they pop through here soon!
We are still working on "big girl" food, and boy that's a challenge. She wants no part of it! She hates cereal and veggies. I'm going to try a little fruit in a couple days to see if it's a taste thing. We'll see. We have her 6 month check up with the pediatrician in a couple weeks, so we'll hopefully get some guidance then. I can already she that she's inherited the stubbornness from her many family members who are seriously stubborn.
She is still growing by leaps and bounds. It's almost as if we are literally watching her grow, she seems bigger and longer every day. She now has some serious thunder thighs--she finally has something that resembles me! Ha! In the last 2 weeks, she has lost a lot of her hair. I'm not going to lie, I'm pretty sad about it. She had such beautiful full hair, and now she's balding. I am excited to see what color grows back in...maybe blond? I doubt it!
She is getting good a sitting up. She still does the whole balance on her knuckles thing, but that's progress! We get comments all the time about how strong she is, little do they know we work out all the time! Ha! It's so hard to believe she's old enough for all these things. Where did the time go? I'd be okay if it just stopped here for a bit!
FYI: All these photos are from an impromptu photo shoot last Sunday. She was just too cute! I had a little fun with a setting on my camera that lets me accent certain colors. This one right above may be my all time favorite picture I've taken of her. I just love it!

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