Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Ups and Downs of Delaney's First Thanksgiving

Ok, so I've had this post written for 3 days, just waiting to upload some pictures and that still hasn't happened. So here's our Thanksgiving! I hardly took any pictures that day because everything was so crazy, but I did a little photo-shoot the other night when Delaney was in being cute! I hope to have those up here very soon!

We traveled up north to Tekamah on Wednesday night. We got up there to celebrate Uncle Chip's 20th birthday with a feast of lasagna. It was so yummy! Delaney slept the whole way up and was in great spirits when we got there. She didn't even have much "stranger danger" that I was a little worried about. We hung out most of the evening, and she got to bed at roughly her normal time. She decided that she should wake up at about 12:30 that night, and stayed awake until almost 2a.m...in the process waking up virtually everybody in the house.

She refused, and I mean refused to nap on Thanksgiving day. I think she was interrupted by a curious little cousin, Kayla, a few times too! She would fall asleep for about 15 minutes, and wake up ready to party. Considering how tired she was getting, she was in great spirits. She got passed around and passed around, and just smiled and laughed the whole time. We managed to get her to bed before 8 that night, and the rest of us followed shortly. At about 3 a.m. it was party time! She woke up happy, alert, and ready to play. This also woke up the whole house!

Mom and I decided that since we were already up, we would begin our Black Friday shopping adventures a little earlier than planned. We set D up with all of her toys, while we got dressed and ready to go. She sat up and played for over 45 minutes at 4a.m.! Then, she started whimpering, so Mom rocked her and got her back to sleep. I put her back to bed with Craig, and we took off for Omaha! We pulled into the Target parking lot at 5:35 a.m.! We scored some seriously great deals, while Delaney & Craig headed to the farm. She took a few short naps out there, and went to bed early that night again.

After another night of more "wake-ups", we were completely exhausted by Saturday morning. So we made the responsible parent decision that we had to pack up and head home for some rest. We had to get Delaney home to her normal routine or she was going to lose it at some point. We said our early good-byes with much regret, and headed home. She slept the entire way, and was in bed before 8 that night. She slept for over 12 hours for the first time ever! Craig and I were asleep in bed by 9:30p.m.! She napped all day on Sunday and slept great that night. We all managed to get some much needed rest!

So, through all of that, we are thankful for family, food, and sleep! Happy Thanksgiving!

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