Monday, November 22, 2010

Check out my craftiness...

Well, I told you I was already planning Delaney's birthday party, and here's my first project! I decided on A Very Hungry Caterpillar theme, and so far everything is falling into place. I adore that book as does Delaney, and I found some really cute ideas so there we go! I ran across a dress that I thought would be perfect for Delaney's big day on However, it was $50. I wasn't about to spend that for a dress that may only be worn once. So, what did I do...I sent the link to my crafty friend Kaitlyn and said "make this for me". She said, "how about I show you how to make it yourself..." So, here's my first attempt at sewing...
With careful instructions from Kaitlyn, I did all of the cutting. I followed the pattern, and didn't make any horrible errors.
I then, took my maiden voyage at the sewing machine. After working out a few kinks...I got the hang of it.
I pressed out all the seams and then Kaitlyn took care of the tricky parts for me. It saved me a large amount of time and probably embarrassment.
Here's the finish product...isn't it ADORABLE! It will be cold on her birthday, so she'll wear tights or pants and a shirt underneath. I LOVE how it turned out! I spent about $20 on the fabric (and have tons left over for other projects) and about 2 hours on it. Way better than $50!
I'll share other projects for the party as I complete them! I so should have been an Event Coordinator...

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