Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Weekend Away...

We decided to escape from the stresses of home and invited ourselves on a trip to Kansas City with my parents. We left on Sunday and came home this afternoon. It was a quick trip, but it was fabulous. Delaney handled everything like a rock star considering everything we did. She even managed to sleep all night last night, which was a huge victory as you'll remember from my previous post about Thanksgiving. She's had a little trouble sleeping away from home. We did a lot of shopping down there! It's so nice to have some access to stores that we don't have so close to home. We also ate a lot of yummy food...we even dined at the same restaurant as Mike Rowe last night! If you don't know who he is, look him up. Craig introduced himself to him, and offered to let Mike take care of the "dirty job" that is changing Delaney! Anyway, we're all pretty tired tonight, but glad to be home after a great few days in the big city! Here are some pictures from the trip!

Here she is all bright and shiny Sunday morning, locked and ready to go!
Practicing her "so big"/"touchdown" moves with Grandpa as we cheer on the Chiefs!
Modeling her new Santa hat
This is when she decided 3 AM was a good time to play on Sunday night/Monday morning!
More Santa hat fun
Here Mom, you wear it...
Zzzz...too much shopping fun!
Hanging with Mom gearing up for more fun!
On the way home...worn out!

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