Monday, December 20, 2010

9 Months

Delaney celebrated her 9 month birthday on Sunday. These pictures were taken Sunday night right before bed. She is such a happy little girl! We have our official 9 month checkup with the pediatrician on Wednesday, so I'll save the specifics until after that. I can tell you that she seems to be growing like a weed and getting so busy! Delaney had some more firsts this month. She took her first trip to Kansas City, met her first celebrity-Mike Rowe, celebrated her first Thanksgiving, and saw her first Christmas tree!
Delaney's little personality is so funny. She's a happy-go-lucky girl, but she definitely has an ornery streak. She loves to smile and laugh! She also loves to play. She's not much into the snuggling these days. She'd rather be up and moving. In fact, she is so close to crawling it's scary. She gets pretty frustrated when she can't figure it out. She rolls all over the place now, and has figured out how to roll to get to something or somewhere. (By the way, the baby gate is firmly installed!)
Delaney is a great little eater. She has two "meals" a day that consist of oatmeal cereal, fruit, and veggie. She still seems to be more of a veggie lover than a fruit girl. She loves to feed herself puffs. In fact, she's even started squatting my hand away sometimes because she wants to do it herself. She still has 4 bottles a day, but she seems to be maybe phasing one of those out. I'm sure her diet will be changing a little after our doctors appointment. I think the 9 months make starts some new things for her to try!
She is wearing mainly 9 month size clothes, but I think we'll be in 12 months before too long. She is already wearing 12 months in one-piece outfits, like PJs. She still seems to be pretty long. I'm anxious to see where she falls on the charts this time. She is wearing size 3 diapers, which I think we'll be in a for a little while yet.
Her hair has really came in all of a sudden. She didn't stay bald for too long at all. It seems to be a sandy brown color, but I still see some reddish tones--especially when it's wet. It is definitely lighter than when she was born. It doesn't seem to have much curl yet, but it's still pretty short. She's very anti-bow these days. If I try, they last about 10 seconds before she rips it off is and is chewing on it. Such a little stinker!
Delaney is so fun these days. She loves to bounce, dance, and watch her puppy. Izzy completely mesmerizes's so fun to watch. Delaney really loves music. Her favorite song right now is the Transiberian Orchestra version of the Christmas Canon. If she's fussing in the car, I turn that song on and turn it up and she stops. It's crazy! I may have to leave that CD in all year long! We also introduced her to the Rockabye Baby CDs recently, she has the U2 and Bob Marley versions. We all enjoy them!
She is getting quite vocal these days. She will say "da, da, da, da, da" repeatedly all the time now. We're still working on "ma ma". She also likes to talk to Izzy. She scolded her puppy (for no particular reason) the other night. It was funny! She seems to be a screamer, and hits some octaves that I think Mariah Carey would have trouble with! Sometimes she gets going, and I swear she's singing.
It's been yet another fun month with little Miss D! I think the countdown to her birthday can officially begin! I am so excited for that day!

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