Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Christmas Message from Delaney Jo

To all my favorite peeps~ December 2010

Mommy says it’s the time of year to send a little recap of the past year to all our friends and family. Well if you have been paying attention at all, you know that we have had quite a year in our house! I gave Mommy & Daddy a real surprise when I came a month early on March 19th. For being so early, it seems to me like everyone was pretty excited to come see me! We sure had quite a few visitors at home for a while!

Mommy & I spent most of the spring hanging out at home. We did a lot of snuggling and napping. I did a lot of eating and pooping while Mommy did a lot of laundry! Good times! We met Daddy for lunch once in a while, and visited a few different places. It was lots of fun. Mid-May Mommy started getting really sad, she kept telling me that she didn’t want to leave me, but had to so that we could have everything we needed. Then, she took me over to one of my new favorite places, Holly’s house. I have lots of fun over there with all my new friends. Plus, Holly takes really good care of me. We snuggle and play. I learn so much! I know Mommy misses me a lot, but I promise I party all day over there!

In July, Mommy & Daddy took me on my very first vacation. We went to this place called Okoboji. There was a lot of sunshine and water. I even got to ride on this crazy contraption that drove on water, but they put this stupid vest on me before I could go. I looked like a huge dork! I even got to go swimming for the first time in Okoboji…in a little pool, not the lake. That was fun…I love the water! We did lots of shopping and eating while we were there; I can’t wait to go back!

Fall came and I started wearing a lot of red! Daddy and I watch the box on the wall on the weekends. Sometimes, Daddy yells and jumps up and down. It scares me a little sometimes, but most of the time he looks like a big goof-ball! It’s funny, Mommy & Daddy argue a lot on Sundays about what dress I’m going to wear—red or green…I don’t really know what that’s all about! I have no preference as long as I look cute!

I have had a lot of dates with my boyfriends, Reed & Parker this year. They are a little older than me, but you know what they say about older men! We have done lots of fun things. We have gone to the zoos in Omaha & Lincoln. We have visited each other’s houses and played. Our mommies always bunch us together and get those flashy things out that hurt our eyes. We made a pact that one of us must fuss and cry until they put those darn things away—it’s working out pretty good so far! I’m excited to go to their birthday parties coming up in January & February!

I have also been completely spoiled by my family all year. I have four crazy grandparents that go a little nuts if they don’t see me often enough. Mommy even has to send daily pictures to my Grandpa B. I also have lots of fun aunts & uncles that love to dote on me, and I love to be doted on. My crazy cousins from Colorado moved back to Omaha in August—I personally think I had a lot to do with this, but don’t tell anyone! I love playing with them, they always make me laugh. Mommy & Daddy say that I’m getting another crazy cousin this spring from Auntie Jess & Uncle Nick…I’m pretty excited, but I’m totally soaking up being the baby until he or she gets here! After that, we will have lots of fun together I’m sure!

Oh, I have to tell you about this furry thing that lives with us. I didn’t really know what to think about her for a while, but now I think she’s pretty cool. She loves to play and jump around; she’s also a great snuggler. I like to grab her ears and her fur when we play. She just stands there and looks at me like I’m crazy. Then, I let go and sniffs me all over…that’s funny and it tickles! She gives really sloppy kisses, but I think that’s funny too! Mommy & Daddy say we are going to be best friends…I hope so. I love my puppy!

Mommy & Daddy are pretty busy these days keeping up with me and everything else. They love to make me laugh, and turn into big dorks trying to get me going. Daddy always gives me my baths, I think it’s pretty funny to kick and splash and get him all wet. Mommy reads me lots of stories; she keeps talking about this one book and my birthday party. We will see what that means in March! I eat a lot, and I hear people say how “big” I am ALL the time. Mommy says I get this from Daddy, but I see good eaters on both sides of the family!

I hope you all have a very Happy Christmas! I’m very excited to experience it all for the first time. I don’t really know what is going to happen, but everyone says it will be fun! We even planted this crazy bright tree in our basement for the occasion and hung socks on the window sills. Sounds like a party to me!


Delaney Jo Mencke

(And Mommy, Daddy, & Izzy)

P.S. Mommy & Daddy say “hi” too! Oh, and Izzy send her best licks to you all!

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