Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Well, I got the call I have been expecting for a couple weeks yesterday morning. Uncle Jack had past away. It seems as though he just didn't wake up yesterday morning. I hope that was the's a peaceful way to go. So, now we're preparing to make our trip home for the visitation & funeral. We were all prepared and knew this was the inevitable ending to the ordeal of his leukemia, but it's still sad and strange to think of how "alive" he was not long ago.

I was looking through some old pictures tonight to find some for the funeral. I found a few, but I'm disappointed in myself there weren't more to choose from. We didn't even have one professional wedding picture of him. Now, that makes me sad. I guess I will have to remember this at other family occasions, and try to stay on top of the picture taking.

One of my aunts (Janna) is having her gall bladder removed tomorrow afternoon, so that will be on our minds as well. It is a fairly routine procedure, but for me any surgery is scary. Plus, with Janna, she's had such a rough go the past few years and we all hate it when anything "bad" happens to her.

Speaking of surgery, Craig's grandpa is having hip surgery next Wednesday. He fell at some point over this last winter, and it turns out he has a small fracture in there. They are going to put in a pin to prevent further damage and save him from a total hip replacement. He just got back from the WWII veterans trip to Washington, D.C. last week. He had a great time! He wanted to get through the trip, and then figure out what needed to be done about his pain.

But, after all the surgeries and the funeral, we have some very fun graduation parties to look forward to! I'm really looking forward to those!

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