Monday, April 27, 2009

Our New Toy

Well after seven years and multiple "re-boots", our computer finally quit on us last weekend. We had been thinking about getting a new laptop for a while now, but couldn't justify it with "nothing major" being wrong with our existing computer. Well when we couldn't even get Windows to load, we decided the time had come to go shopping! After a few hours at Best Buy (BORING!!!), we came home last Monday with a new Sony Vaio laptop!

It's a pretty sweet machine! One of our favorite features is the Blue-Ray player. Let me tell you, even I can see & hear a difference with the Blue-Rays! So, between our BlackBerrys and our new computer, we've become pretty high-tech over the last month! Yikes!

Since the laptop is wireless, we haven't been using it in our "office". We're thinking we may downsize the desk and pretty much eliminate the need for an entire room to be dedicated to the office. What we'll fill it with...who knows?

Oh and the best news...yesterday, Craig was somehow able to get the old computer to load and move our files over to the new one. I was most worried about our pictures and wedding slideshow...everything moved fine! Yay!

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