Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Sick Husband

So, Craig has been sick since last Thursday. He never gets sick, so when he is it's bad. He's had a severe sore throat...developed a bad cough...had a few fevers...and gotten some headaches. I finally talked him into going to the urgent care clinic on Sunday. They tested him for strep throat...negative. Then, they gave him the old "you've got a virus...you need to rest and drink lots of fluids routine". Well, he's not getting any better after a few days of extra rest. In fact it's getting worse. He's at my normal doctor now, so we'll see if he can resolve anything.

The thing is, I feel like I've been pretty good to Craig since he's been sick. You know getting him medicine, making him soup, etc. Now, I get sick (usually with migraines) far more often than Craig, and when I do I don't think he's as nice to me. Why is that? I've discussed this with a few other females, so find the same thing happens with their men. Is sympathy for sickness a gender specific thing?

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