Friday, April 17, 2009

Time for a Change

So, I decided to change things up a bit with the blog layout. I'm still really new to this, so it was just a matter of adding pictures & changing some colors. I like how it looks now, and it fits us better! I also changed the name of the blog...since we are within a month of our 8 year mark I thought we needed something different.

In other news, my Uncle Jack is still struggling. We found out this week that his doctors don't think the chemo helped at all and his leukemia is as bad s it was (or worse) a month ago. His doctor says he has all the signs of the "end" except an infection. Whenever he gets an infection, it will kill him. His doctor is recommending hospice care (no more blood transfusions, antibiotics, blood test...just pain management). Jack has been really agitated all week, so everyone has been talking to him and trying to explain things to him. It is apparent that he knows what's happening. He has asked his nurses to give him as much pain medication as he can have as often as he can have it. He's pretty much slept since Tuesday night. The whole situation is taking a toll on everyone...especially my parents. There is nothing anyone can do at this point, but wait. As bad as it sounds, I think everyone is kinda hoping that he'll just fall asleep one of these nights (sooner rather and later) and not wake up.

Also, it's Chip's (my brother's) senior prom tomorrow. He's really excited. He picked out this super cool tux and some of his classmates and him rented a limo. Part of me really wants to go up and see him all dressed up, but the other part knows that I'll drive 3 hours roundtrip and only get to see him for a few minutes. It's times like these that I hate how far away Lincoln is from home...even though it could be a lot worse.

We planted our first tree this week...correction, Craig planted our first tree this week. We got a Dr. Merrill Magnolia tree...actually, it's more like a big shrub, but they call it a tree. I'm really hoping it will bloom soon and that the transplant didn't ruin the buds. I'm excited to see it in full bloom some day! We are also anxiously waiting for the City of Lincoln to give us back the rest of our back yard. We are supposed to be getting sod any day now, but I think they may have messed up (again) and thought we wanted seed. Either way, we are ready for it to be done and move on with our plans. We have 3 other trees picked out to go back there, assuming we are compensated for the 4 trees they tore down. Also, we have seedlings growing in our basement for the garden we want to plant in the backyard. All of this is waiting on the city's progress. Awesome! I have a bad feeling we'll be growing tomato plants in the basement for a while.

Izzy had fun "helping" Craig dig the hole for the tree. She was a mess...covered in mud & water. She loves to play outside with him! It's quite entertainig to watch from the deck! I'm really looking forward to summer nights spent in the backyard grilling and hanging out!

Graduation is only a couple weeks away! Yikes, I've got some shopping to do, it's going to be here before we know it! Those two weekends should be a lot of fun. It's too bad that Craig will miss Jessica's graduation because his cousin Collin is also graduating that day out in Hays Center, NE! We're going with the whole "divide & conquer" system for that weekend in order to cover all our bases!

Ok...I'll stop, totally random I know. I think that's the point of blogs though. You can be as random as you want!

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