Thursday, May 7, 2009

Our Escape Artist

Well, she's done it again! Izzy broke out of kennel yet again. This is the third escape and second kennel. She does fine during the day, but if we come home from work and then leave again shortly thereafter...she gets really mad. About a month ago, she was enjoying being "free" in a restricted area of the house while we were at work. She did really well for about 3 weeks! Then, we came home one day to find one of our lamp cords and our stereo cord chewed through. Obviously, that was the end of her freedom. We "altered" her existing kennel to prevent future breakouts and started kenneling her during the day again. We were golden for about 3 weeks, and then Tuesday evening she found a way out and broke the kennel in the process. She is now spending her days in yet another new kennel, we'll see how long this one lasts!

In other news, Craig got himself a new mower yesterday. He was such a nerd about it and super excited! I had to go check it out...he even made me push it across the front yard. I'm not arguing that we needed on (we have been using my Dad's old mover from 1976 and every time it runs a bit worse), but seriously why do guys get so excited about things like mowers? I'll never understand it!

Tomorrow starts the beginning of the two-week whirlwind of my siblings' graduations. Jess's is this weekend up in Wayne with a party following in Tekamah, and Chip's is next weekend in Tekamah. Both should be lots of fun!

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