Friday, May 29, 2009

Sad, Sick Puppy!

We had a long night last night...Izzy was sick! Craig had spent the evening fishing with some friends, so it was just me and Izzy at home for most of the night. She was hanging out int he backyard as she does most nights. I was puttering around the house doing laundry and cleaning the kitchen. I noticed she was licking/digging at a spot in the yard. I tried to call her in the house and she wouldn't budge. (She usually comes when we call her!) So, I went out to check out what she was was a pretty gross site. I wasn't completely sure, but it sure looked like she had gotten sick.

So, I thought maybe the front yard would be a better place for us to hang out, as she wouldn't leave "the spot" alone. I took her out front, hooked her to her chain, and settled into the lawn chair on the porch for some magazine reading. Izzy started chowing down on grass like I've never seen her do. It was crazy. She would eat, then lay down, and then eat some more. She didn't get sick again outside for almost 2 hours, so I thought whatever it was had passed.

I brought her back inside and gave her a bath. It was the time of the month for her flea/tick treatment, so I thought I should give her a bath first since she wouldn't be able to have another one for a week. Shortly after the bath, Craig came home. She seemed her usual, excited self when he came in. We hung out in the leaving room for a little while, then Izzy got sick on the floor. We cleaned it up, she napped for a while, and then we headed to bed. She got sick at 12:15 a.m. and again at about 1 a.m. It was a long night!

I didn't sleep well. I was worried about her and afraid she was going to get sick again at any time. I can't imagine how it's going to be with babies. If they are ever sick, I might as well just stay up all night because sleeping is impossible when I'm worried/paranoid like that! It's almost worse to stay in bed and fight with sleep than to just stay up all night!

Izzy still seems "off" today. I hope she just got into something she shouldn't have in the yard or something. She's never been "sick" for so long. I hope it's not serious!

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  1. ummm..I saw something on the news about flea/tick medicine making dogs really sick/die. You should def. call your vet sista.


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