Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Trips, Trips, & More Trips

Well, we now have 3 vacations to look forward in the next few months. Yay! I've been missing work alot for all the things that have been going on, but most of that wasn't really fun or vacation like...funerals, helping with graduation parties, etc. (The actual graduation parties were fun!)Now, we'll be going to fun places and doing fun things!

Our first trip is scheduled for the 4th of July weekend. We're going on a road trip out to Colorado Springs to visit Craig's brother & his family. We haven't seen the kids (or Brent & Buffye) since Christmas, so we're really looking forward to seeing them! It may also be Izzy's first road trip over 2 hours, so that will be interesting! She's a little crazy in the car sometimes! We always have a great time out there, it's so beautiful! What a great place to visit and what better see our neices & nephew!

The next trip is at the end of July! We're going on the Annual Bryant Vacation to Okoboji! SWEET! I absolutely love it's one of my favorite places! My whole immediate family is going, and this year we are renting out a lakefront condo versus staying at a resort like usual. It should be really fun! Oh, and Nick has a new boat for the trip, so we're all looking forward to breaking that in! We are seriously counting down the days to this one! Can't come soon enough! Last year, because of our wedding, nobody got to go to we're all overdue for a trip up there!

The last trip (which we just planned last night) is to Las Vegas over Labor Day weekend! We went a few years ago during one of our college spring breaks, and we've been dying to go back ever since! This time we are going with some of our best friends, Ryan & Jill. We both have anniversaries in August, so we're calling it a "Joint-Anniversary" trip. We're staying at the Planet Hollywood Hotel & Casino. It wasn't even built the last time we were there, so it should be really nice considering it's brand new! We can't wait!

So while all this is super fun & exciting, this means I seriously need to figure out a way to lose weight & get in shape VERY fast! Yikes! If these trips aren't enough motivation for me, I don't know what will be! Wish me luck!

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