Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Last Blast of Summer

Believe it or not, Delaney went all summer without seeing her boyfriends, Reed & Parker.  Seriously, how did this happen!  So sad, but miraculously we got the whole gang together Saturday afternoon for a little fun in the backyard.  It was a perfect afternoon for a little kiddie pool, sprinkler, swing set action!  Watching the three little kiddos play was so much fun!  The age difference between the three of them is totally gone!
 We attempted a photo of the three of them...this is the best I was able to capture!  They still look pretty cute even though it's not the greatest picture!
 We set up the hose and the swimming pool for the kids to play in.  Parker seemed a little timid with everything, but Delaney tried to help ease him into the fun!  I'll tell you what though, that kid has the most extensive vocabulary I've ever heard at that age!  Way to go little P Man!
 Here's our little farm girl in action drinking from the hose!  Reed enjoyed splashing her with it!  Reed may the oldest of the group, but now he's the smallest.  Don't count him out though...Hurricane Reed is a scrappy little fellow that holds his own. 
 Here's another shot of the three of them.  As you can see, they didn't always seem to be too interested in what each other were doing.  They were having fun nonetheless!
 After a short battle with Delaney on the slide, here's Reed happy as a clam after achieving the "perfect" slide!
 Here's the two of them in one of the best photos of Reed & Delaney to date!  Don't they look so big!
 The boys had fun playing with all of Delaney's "girl toys" under the "watchful" eyes of their three dads!

On Sunday as a bonus, we had a little outing at the Lincoln Children's Zoo with Parker!  We had only taken Delaney do the Lincoln Zoo for "Boo at the Zoo" last year, so we were excited to take her now that she was more "into" it. 
 Shortly after arriving, we discovered that the zoo has a little pony named, Chip!  Chip the pony even had a cute little pink heart painted on his butt! 
 Delaney had quite the time feeding the goats with her daddy.  She didn't hesitate at all, and when right up to them with a piece of food! 
 I think she could have stayed at the goat feeding spot all day with those little guys!  It was pretty cute! 
 There were some bigger goats that came right up close and personal with them.  I think that overwhelmed D just a little bit! 
 Delaney then got to pet the super soft bunny!  She was very gentle and nice with the bunny...soo sweet!
 We took a tour of the Butterfly Pavilion.  I couldn't believe how the butterflies would land on your hands!
We put the kiddos on a big caterpillar for a quick photo-op!  Not great, but not bad!  It was a fun afternoon to cap off a super fun weekend!  We can't go another season without getting together!

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