Friday, September 9, 2011

On to bigger & better things...

After 5+ years, Craig has decided to move on to bigger & better things.  He turned in his two weeks notice last Friday, and a week from Monday he will begin a new venture working with his brother, Brent.  This is a big change for all of us, but it will be good for everyone.  Initially, Craig will have to commute to Omaha, but he long-term plan is to open a branch in Lincoln so it's not forever.  His daily commute to the office in Omaha will be about 50 minutes one-way, so it about doubles his current drive.  

This will give Craig a change of pace, opportunities for upward movement, full benefits, and hopefully more respect!  He was getting more and more frustrated with his current job, so this couldn't have come at a better time.  Brent & Craig have wanted to work together for years, so now it is finally happening.  It will be fun to see what these two can do together! 

Delaney & I are excited for him, and cautiously optimistic the commute won't take away too much of his time with us.  We keep telling ourselves that it won't be forever!  We have no immediate plans to move to Omaha.  If anything, maybe we'll move to the other side of Lincoln in a couple years, as right now we are in the complete opposite corner from Omaha and a move to East Lincoln could cut his commute in half.  We shall see...this housing market isn't conducive to us trying to sell our house anytime soon without losing some serious dough, so we'll (Craig will) have to tough it out for a while!

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