Tuesday, September 20, 2011

18 months!

Already 18 months!?!  Believe me...I know!  It doesn't seem possible that just a year and a half ago that tiny little bundle was born.  Remember when she was only 5lbs and ate out of a syringe...crazy!  They say "time flies...", but I didn't really understand until now!  In honor of Delaney's half birthday (yesterday...actually), I thought it would be fun to do a little bullet list all about her...
  • Stats from our 18 month check up with the pediatrician today:  29lbs 15 oz (97 percentile), 33.25 inches tall (90 percentile), I don't remember the actual head circumference off the top of my head, but it's big... head size (90th percentile).  Basically, she's a big girl all around!  She's proportionate across the board, and she's thriving!  I was a little worried that we'd have to start restricting her diet or something, but so far so good as we are still on the charts!
  • Clothes/Diapers...She is just starting the transition from 18 month cloths to 2T.  The 18 month stuff is getting a little snug and short, and doesn't look the best sometimes.  It's nice that this is happening with the change of the seasons, as she was going to need a new wardrobe for fall/winter anyway!  (We also scored some super cute hand-me-downs from Miss Julia Bright last week that helps with this transition!)  She is still wearing size 4 diapers, which I think will be our size for a while yet.  Her little feet have been growing lately too.  She's wearing Toddler size 5s right now, but even a few of them are a little snug on her fat little feet!  The kids loves her shoes, and I couldn't be happier that there seems to be something she finally got from me! 
  • Eating & Drinking...She only drinks milk & water by her choice alone (not that we are complaining) out of her sippy cups.  She is also mastering her fork and spoon more every day!  She actually eats better with her silverware versus the "caveman" method with her fingers.  As far as what she eats, it changes on a daily basis.  There are really very few things she actually doesn't like, but there are many things that she chooses not to eat when she doesn't feel like it.  It's always "fun" to try to figure out what she's in the mood for!  We do know this girl has a sweet tooth, and will share a sweet treat with Mommy (or Daddy if she's quick) anytime!  Her favorite foods that she will always eat are spaghetti, mac & cheese, pizza, chicken nuggets, peas, green beans, and Nila Wafers...not all the healthiest options, but there is always fruit and/or veggies with all of that I promise!  She also loves to snack, which is probably a bad habit we've started; however, that kid will run around with her little snack cup filled with crackers all day every day if we let her.  She'll even go to the little cabinet where we keep all that kind of stuff and help herself.  We might need to re-locate that cabinet soon!
  • Teeth...She has a new obsession with brushing her teeth.  She will go into the bathroom, open the drawer, get out her toothbrush, take the cover off it, and start brushing multiple times a day if we aren't paying attention.  We typically brush her teeth while she takes her nightly bath and before we leave for Holly's every morning.  She is slowly working on getting her 1 year molars in...no fun!  Delaney hasn't always been the "best" teether, so these are especially tough.  She just doesn't seem to get them in very fast, so they hurt for a long time!
  • Talking...it seems like Delaney learns a new word almost every day.  Her two latest that I find exceptionally cute are "Amen" & "Hot Pink".  She also can no refer to herself as "Miss D", the pet-name Holly gave her when she was just a wee little peanut!  The kid can repeat almost anything, but still refuses to even attempt "please" or "thank you".  She could totally say those things if she wanted do, but again like everything else she'll do it when she's good and ready!  She can name all her friends at Holly's house as well as most of her cousins.  We are working on the other family members, and hope to debut some of those names soon!  We are also working on animals and animal sounds.  She definitely has the  Moo! down for cows, but we have room for improvement with the others.  
  • Books...she is addicted to books!  That kid isn't happy unless there is a book in her hand and several at her feet.  She loves her books.  She turns the pages on her own.  She is even starting to point out things like balls, ducks, and pretties (hairbows) as we read.  First thing in the morning and last thing at night, that girl is at her bookshelf.  She has even woken up hysterically in the middle of the night and as soon as we get her out of her crib, she wants down and goes straight for the books!  She's nuts!   I've actually had to take books away on a few occassions...Mom of the year right here! Her favorites right now are Snuggle Puppy (Sandra Boynton), The Very Hungary Caterpillar (Eric Carle), and Hoppity Hop Bunny (A flip tab book I picked up for her Easter Basket at Sams).
  • Playing...She would play outside all day every day if we let her.  She loves to run and kick balls.  She loves sidewalk chalk.  She loves going for walks in the new wagon her daddy bought her.  She loves to ride on her tricycle (with Daddy's help).  She is infatuated with the bumble bees that love our flowers.  She loves to climb up on the front porch and dance around.  She loves her swing, and prefers to go up her slide.  She's even better at fetch than Izzy (although fetch has never been one of Izzy's favorite tricks!)  She can find dirt or mud without trying, and skinned knees and falls don't hardly slow her down.  Inside, if she's not into her books she is running around climbing on everything...coffee tables, kitchen tables, bathroom counters, toilets, chairs, dog kennels, etc.  She's a little monkey!  She also really enjoys running the carpet sweeper around, and she'd love a crack at our Dyson (but it's a little big for her to manage).  I'm thinking of dressing her up as a little French Maid for Halloween since she's into "cleaning", but I'm not sure how appropriate that is!?!  She has also recently decided coloring was a pretty fun activity too, which I think is quite fun!
  • Dancing & Swimming...Delaney loves to dance.  If we aren't entertaining her enough, she go over to the stereo, grab the remote, and turn it on herself just to boogie down.  Let me be the first to warn you, Beyonce better look out because our little "single lady" has "moves like Jagger".  I could watch her dance all day long!  I can't wait to get her into dance lessons...birthday gift idea Grandmas, hint, hint!  She is still going strong in her swimming lessons with Miss Jessica at Lifestrokes.  She's still learning so much, and getting so much better all the time.  She can hold her breath better than most of the kids in her class.  Miss Jessica says she has amazing breath control for someone her age!  Our little fishy makes us so proud!
  • Attitude...Delaney definitely has a little diva 'tude she displays on a regular basis.  She's stubborn, independent, and has a serious temper.  Last night after her bath, we had a glimpse of a actual throw-yourself-down temper tantrum.  It didn't last long, but I can only imagine what these will evolve into soon!  Oy-ve!  She throws things, hits, kicks, and screams!  She lets everyone know when she's not happy.  She starts running in place and screaming when she gets told "no" on a regular basis.  I guess my only saving grace is that I know this is all a stage.  It is making me a little nervous for her teenage years though...I can feel the gray hairs already!
Well, I could go on about my little love bug all day, but I'm sure you're all beyond bored by now!  We started a new adventure this week with Craig's new job, so we are all adjusting to that!  This has great potential for all of us, so we are excited to finally get it started.  So far so good...

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