Friday, August 19, 2011

Thunder Run 08.13.11

Well I did it!  I actually finished a 5k...without walking!  It wasn't easy for me.  For some reason i wasn't really on my game last Saturday, but I finished.  My goal was to finish without walking, and I totally achieved my goal.  My time was 34:40.  Not too shabby for my first time out there!  The Thunder Run is sponsored by the Nebraska National Guard and held on the actually runway out at the Lincoln Airport.  Craig and Delaney came out to cheer me on, and it was a beautiful morning!  I really couldn't have asked for more.  My fabulous running partner/work BFF accomplice, Kaitlyn was a rock star on Saturday.  I swear she could have kept running and finished another 5k.  She told jokes, same me songs, and even kicked on her jets for the last stretch!  Such an inspiration!

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