Thursday, October 7, 2010

Lots of Changes

Yikes, I didn't realize that I hadn't posted for such a long time! Whoops! We have been keeping ourselves busy lately with the usual, yard work, cleaning, LAUNDRY. We did break down this week and replaced our BlackBerrys that haven't been working 100% for quite some time. We have both entered the DROID world, but with different models. I'm still trying to get used to this thing. I've only managed to delete all my contacts once! I think I'll really like it once I get the hang of it. I have figured out the basics.

Delaney is getting to be such a big girl. I swear I look at her at least once everyday and think "where did my little baby girl go?". She even looks big when Craig holds her now. It makes me sad--don't worry we aren't even thinking about number two yet! Ha! She is developing quite the personality. She definitely has a temper and a feisty side. Her newest trick is to yank off her hairbow and chew on it! She also loves to remove her socks and throw her toys. When she really gets to moving and shaking, she can do some damage! She has some serious strength in that little body. She has also taken a liking to grabbing and pulling at Izzy. So far, Izzy has tolerated it all perfectly, thank goodness!

She has been eating so much better for the last week or so. She is now eating cereal every evening like a champ. She is also really enjoying most of her veggies and fruit. So far, I think she likes pears best. She has now tasted all the varieties of the "1st foods". We got a feeding guide from our pediatrician, and apparently we have been starving our child. She is "supposed" to be eating so much more that she was, so we are slowly trying to work our way up to the guidelines. At least I've figured out why she has been waking up every night for the past few weeks starving...poor girl was just hungry! I think we're getting close to being good enough with the big girl food, so that she can have another "meal" while she's at Holly's for daycare.

We will be transitioning to formula within the next week or so. Up until this point I have been exclusively pumping and feeding her, but nature has stepped in and ended that era for us. My goal was to make it 6 months, and we achieved that. We have burned through the enormous freezer stash we had, so we will have to go with formula until her birthday. I'm definitely a little sad about it, but I know she will be fine. Babies thrive on formula every day. She's done so well with gaining and maintaining weight, I just hope that it continues with all the new foods.

Delaney will also be transitioning to her big girl carseat here very soon. We did a trial run last weekend in a shopping cart at HyVee. She sat in the car fairly well. Luckily, Auntie Jess had gotten us one of those shopping card/high chair covers, so it padded the sides a little big when Delaney would lose her balance and lean too far over. She got pretty fussy by the end of the shopping trip, but that could have been any combination of things. She did look funny sitting up like such a big girl in the big shopping card. Her little face made it just over the handle. It was pretty cute!

Oh, Izzy seems to be doing better. She doesn't seem to be having to go as often at least what we've noticed. She really seems to be enjoying this prescription food. She is eating it like it's going out of style. We think she's even put on a little weight, which is good because she was looking pretty scrawny. She's also gotten some of her spunk back. She goes back to the vet next Tuesday for a full day of observation, so hopefully we're close to having this all taken care of.

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