Tuesday, October 19, 2010

7 Months

Our little stinker is 7 months old today! How is that even possible?!? She was even featured on KETV Channel 7 in Omaha this morning in honor of her 7 month birthday! Time seems to be just flying by these days, and I think she gets more fun all the time! Every new age is my favorite, and this one is no exception!
Delaney has developed quite the little personality. She has a great sense of humor and thinks it's pretty funny when we laugh at her. I have a feeling she may be an entertainer that thrives as the center of attention. Her favorite thing to do these days is to stick her tongue out and "zerbert". It's cute now, but I hope she grows out of it later in life or we will have some trouble! She loves to kick and squirm about, but and is very close to rolling to her tummy. I know she could roll all over the place, but for now she's content to stay immobile for a while. That's fine with us! She loves to splash in the bathtub, and is getting pretty good at it too! She still prefers to stand versus sit, but she will sit now on her own for several minutes. If she gets distracted or startled, she still tumbles over from time to time.
She's eating more and more all the time. She now eats cereal, fruit, and veggies twice a day! Right now her favorites are the veggies, especially peas and green beans. She also really enjoys pears. She absolutely hates peaches, and is not a big fan of bananas. She might be like me and prefer veggies to fruit, we'll see! With all this eating, she seems to be growing more and more every day.She's weighing in right around 20 pounds and by my measurements is about 26 inches long. She 's firmly in size 9 month (or 6-12 month, depending on the brand) clothes and size 3 diapers. I thought we'd be in the size 3s for a while, but now I'm not so sure!
She still has the bluest eyes in the world that just sparkle! I think they're a perfect combination of mine and Craig's. She's got his marble effect and the dark outline from me. Her hair is growing back so fast. It's coming in really nice right now. I'm still guess she may end up a strawberry blond, as I still shines a little toward the red side when out in the sun. It does seem to be lighter than her dark newborn hair. I'm still not holding out much hope for a full-on blond though. I think it will have some curl in it too, which I think will be adorable!
We've had many firsts this month, of course! A couple weeks ago, she had her first ride in the big girl carseat. We have moved on to the convertible carseat. Her infant carrier was just getting too heavy for me to maneuver. She went to her first live football game a couple weeks ago up in Tekamah! She handled the noise and commotion fairly well, but she may have been overstimulated as she didn't sleep that well that night. She made her first trip to the pumpkin patch last Friday, and of course loved it! She was on TV for the first time this morning! She's just a busy girl!
She's still a good sleeper. Last night she slept from 8:30pm to 7am, which is her record to date. I can't believe she slept that long. I hope that this might be a new trend, but it does make me sad as it shortens our evenings together. She has been consistently sleeping through the night for quite some time now, so on the rare occasion she gets up it really gets rough on us. She was starting to do that more often, and then we figured out that we weren't feeding her enough cereal and other stuff. Now, that she's eating more of that she's back to sleeping like an angel. We are so blessed!
Delaney loves her daddy and her puppy! She absolutely just lights up whenever she seems on of them and gets to excited! First thing in the morning is still her best time of day. She's usually laying in her crib talking and looking around, and we'll go in and tell her good morning. She gets a huge grin on her face and starts flailing about. It's the best moment of the day! We have loved the last 7 months, and we wouldn't change it for the world!

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