Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Playdate Picture Story

We had another super fun playdate last Sunday! Reed was kind enough to host, so we all traveled up north to Omaha for some brunch, football, and fun! It was a wonderful way to spend the day, and we got some great pictures too of the three amigos.
First, we attempted to get a couple pictures of the kids in their Halloween costumes while they were all awake and relatively happy. Let's just say this photo shoot lasted all of 2 minutes.
Aren't they cute? Reed is Tigger, Delaney is a cow, and Parker is a dinosaur. Quite the little trio! I can't wait to watch these Halloween pictures change over the years!
After the pictures, the kids played. They get along really well. It's so fun to watch them interact. Obviously here, the boys are more into the football while Delaney is enjoying some big boy toys! She loved that thing, it may appear on her first Christmas list.
Then, Delaney discovered the game, and we all know how much that little girl loves to watch football! I love the boys' expressions in this picture. Priceless!
Isn't this funny! Reed was demonstrating his mad crawling skills, and Parker thoroughly enjoyed it! I can't imagine it will be like when all three of them are completely mobile. Parker is moving these days, but not quite up to Reed's speed. Delaney remains immobile, which is fine with us!

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