Monday, June 28, 2010

Busy Busy

Wow! Time seems to be flying by these days. Another week has come and gone! We spent most of last week preparing for our garage sale that we had Friday & Saturday. It was soooo hot, that we didn't have a very good turnout. We have a trip to the Goodwill in the near future to deal with all the stuff we didn't sell! It's nice to get rid of somethings that have just been taking up space and collecting dust since we moved into this house. I have been pretty excited the last couple days when I've gone in my storage/laundry room. It's so much more organized! That's the Monica Gellar coming out in me, I guess!
On Sunday, Delaney finally got to meet her birthday twin (second cousin) Willa! It was so much fun to get the girls together. I have to admit it was a little weird to see Delaney with another little girl since all of her other friends are little boys! It was fun to compare her with another baby that is exactly the same age. Willa has about a pound advantage on Delaney, but Delaney stands a little taller than Willa! They were pretty cute together. Willa would try to pull Delaney's hair, and Delaney would kick Willa! There was no doubt they saw and noticed each other. There were several moments when they were just in awe of each other. Izzy also was a little bit shocked that there was another baby girl in the house. She didn't really know what to think about it!
Aren't they so cute with their matching headbands. These two will be so much fun to watch grow up together! The Wortman family Christmas will never be the same. Plus, now that Nebraska is in the Big Ten, we can plan trips over to Iowa City to watch the Huskers and catch up with Willa! Delaney is going to get to catch up with all her first cousins this weekend! Brent & Buffye and the kiddos will be traveling back east to visit all of us for the 4th of July and Delaney's baptism the following weekend! We can't wait to see them! They won't even recognize little Delaney! It should be a busy, crazy, fun weekend at the farm with everyone!

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