Sunday, May 23, 2010

First Trip to the Zoo

Today we got up bright & early to take Delaney on her first outing with her boyfriends to the Omaha zoo. Unfortunately, Parker and his mommy were a little under the weather, so it was just Delaney & Reed on this little adventure. Hopefully, the Aerni's are feeling better and will be able to join us for our next play date!Of course, Delaney had to be properly outfitted! She sported her blue giraffe outfit with her hot pink sunglasses and white sun hat! She was one stylin' little girl! The glasses were a little big, hopefully they'll fit a little better by the time for our trip to Okoboji later this summer! Her boyfriend, Reed, was pretty cute too in his shades!Both the babies behaved incredibly well while we were at the zoo! Reed was awake and checking things out most of the time, and little miss Delaney slept through everything! I think Reed like the aquarium best. The only time Delaney had any interaction with the animals was when we got tired of the sunglasses and cried, this disturbed the sleeping Tiger we were checking out! They both also seemed to tolerate the heat fairly well too, but it was time for some AC by 12:30. I really wanted a picture of Delaney with the giraffes since she was wearing her giraffe outfit. This is the best we could do without interrupting her peaceful nap! If you look really closely you can see the giraffe on her shirt! Pretty cute, if I do say so myself!Here's our latest family photo! Please ignore the nastiness that is Craig's sweat! Delaney was also sleeping really well at this point, so we opted to leave her in the stroller! It was cool in the aquarium, so we thought a little break for a photo opportunity was a good idea! As you can tell, I think both of the kids were happy to be freed from their car seats/strollers when we got the restaurant! They had quite the time checking each other out after we had some lunch! I cannot wait to watch these two (and of course, little Parker) grow up together! I think all in all the first trip to the zoo was a huge success! Honestly, it was our first major family outing! We got to see everything we wanted to, and Delaney got a great nap in! I'm sure next trip will be more fun for her! I can't wait until she's the little toddler running around pointed and screaming at all the animals...well maybe I can wait just a little while longer!

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