Monday, April 5, 2010

Delaney's First Easter

We celebrated Delaney's first Easter yesterday with all of her grandparents and her Bryant uncles and aunt. Everyone made the journey down here to Lincoln to see us. They even brought most of the food and treats! It was a nice relaxing holiday for all of us! Delaney made her first trip to church, and did so great! She slept the entire time. Craig made his first attempt at smoking a turkey, and I have to say this is my favorite result so far with any of the smoking experiments. The best part is, we have plenty of leftovers.

Delaney has been doing well. She seems to be visibly growing and changing every day. I would have to guess that she is over 6 pounds now, as we are gaining roughly an ounce a day. She still seems to have her days and nights mixed up. Last night, she was as bright-eyed as she's been at both her 2 AM and 5 AM feedings. Then, this morning she was immediately asleep again after her 8:30 AM feeding. I know this is fairly common, but I just wish there was an easy solution.

Well, the little miss is starting to squirm....I better get going!

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