Monday, April 19, 2010

One Month

Our little peanut is one month old today! Can you believe it?!? She is changing so much these days! She is getting bigger and stronger. We haven't been to the doctor for a couple weeks, but our closest estimates at home are about 7.8lbs and 20in. This is quite a difference from her birth weight and length. Her hair continues to be dark and thick. I think it will be curly or at least wavy. It also is definitely growing. Her eyes are the deepest pretty! Her little eyelashes are coming in now too! She is just growing out of the preemie diapers and some of her smaller newborn sized outfits.

She is spending more and more time awake each day (and night). She has also started sleeping longer stretches at night (about 4-5 hours at times), which has been really nice. She loves to snuggle with her daddy in the evenings, and we're beginning to think she is scared of being alone in the dark at night. She's suddenly more aware of where we are and seems to fuss more these days at bedtime. She's really cute and cuddly when we hold her after she's fussing at night.

She is more alert during her awake times and seems to be focusing on the things she can see. She "saw" Izzy for the first time up close and personal the other night, and her little eyes just lit up. They are going to be such great friends! She also likes to watch her daddy. She'll lay on our bed and just look up at him with big eyes. It's pretty adorable.

She is a good little eater these days, which explains her great growth! She is eating 3 oz a time about every 3-4 hours. She's like her daddy in that she's quite a messy eater. She makes such a mess, and almost always has to change clothes after she eats because of the milk she spills! She's definitely got quite a temper, but the only time we see it is when she's hungry and we can't get the bottle to her fast enough. It's actually pretty cute, she'll clench her fists and turn beat red right before she really screams.

She is starting to enjoy her baths, but it is obvious she prefers her daddy to give them to her instead of me! I gave her a bath on my own last Friday. and she screamed the entire time. She's quiet and content when Craig bathes her. Already she's becoming a daddy's girl!

We've been working on "tummy time", and she tolerates it fairly well. She's strong and raises her little head up and looks around! She also seems to enjoy the outdoors. I'm hoping we'll be going on our first walk here very soon...maybe this week! She likes riding in the car, very rarely cries or fusses in the car, and almost always enjoys a nice nap!

Well, these are the highlights of little Delaney at the one month mark. Time is flying by, and I swear we love her more and more every day! We are so blessed! She's perfect!

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