Monday, April 26, 2010

A Fun Weekend of Family & Friends!

We had another big weekend of visitors and first introductions with Delaney. We got an overdue visit from our great friend Charles on Saturday morning. He is one of my (if not the longest) friend, so it was so great for him to meet Delaney! We also had a visit from Delaney's Mencke grandparents on Saturday afternoon! She enjoyed all the attention and snuggling.

On Sunday, we traveled up to Omaha to have brunch with the entire Bryant clan. Delaney got to meet all of my Bryant cousins, including the newest arrival Leo! It was so nice to see everyone and watch Delaney get loved on by all of them! Leo was born in February, and it was so fun to see the two of them together.

Delaney is absolutely blessed and so lucky to have so many great people love her! She is truly the luckiest little girl in the world! (Oh, and she's pretty much the cutest little girl too!)

I also got the best news about a week ago! I get to stay home with Delaney for 4 extra weeks. I don't go back to work now until after Memorial Day! I was absolutely dreading and in complete denial about the planned return just next week! I couldn't even think or talk about it! Then, my wonderful boss (and uncle) all but demanded I stayed home until June! I am beyond thrilled! Trust me, I know the return will be horrible even in June, but at least I have more time to prepare for it. It also gives Delaney 4 more weeks to grow and get stronger, which will help us all feel better about it. I'm so grateful to have such a great job and boss!

Well, I better get started on the mountain of laundry we've accumulated over the last few days! We have a pretty fun week planned, with dates with both of Delaney's boyfriends (Reed & Parker), a lunch at my office, and a potential visit from Grandma Bryant. Oh, and I got back to my OB for my 6 week checkup on Thursday. I'm kinda nervous about it as we'll see if my blood pressure has regulated itself. If not, that more than likely means medication, which I don't really want. I'm too young for that! Ha!

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