Monday, January 4, 2010

We Survived!!!

We are back in Lincoln having survived all the holidays and the big wedding! It was all a lot of fun, but it does feel nice to be home and getting back to "normal" life. The Christmas blizzard wasn't much fun. Luckily, we made it up to Tekamah before it hit. This meant some extra quality time with my family which was great, but it also meant no Mencke/Wortman family Christmas which was sad. It was a good thing we were there too because Craig's truck was the only vehicle in the Bryant family that was able to get around town for a couple days. He even managed to get it stuck on Christmas in Tekamah, but they got it dug out pretty quick!

We didn't get to celebrate Christmas with all of our extended families like we had planned, but I'm very grateful for what we were able to do. It sounds like we were one of the few families that still had a Christmas dinner and celebration on Christmas. Many families in the area were snowed in without power. No fun!

After Christmas came and went, we geared up for Jess & Nick's wedding. Last week was a whirlwind of activities. It was a lot of fun to spend time with everyone for such an exciting occasion. Their wedding day was all but perfect! Jess looked absolutely gorgeous, and they still had a great turnout considering the crazy weather conditions. The only downside of the day was Jess's nervous stomach getting the best of her for most of the reception. All and all, it was still a great party, and everyone there had a blast! Craig was no exception. I heard from one family of party-goers that they rated him among the top 5 drunkest! If they would have seen him at 1:30 a.m. when we got to the hotel with Jess & Nick...I think he would have jumped up a few spots! Crazy!

After a day of rest and recovery on Friday, we made a trip to the Nebraska Furniture Mart with Craig's parents. We finally bought the king-size bed we've been thinking/dreaming about for months. It will be delivered this Saturday, and I cannot wait. We should have done this years ago! We also found a Lay-Z-Boy recliner for the nursery that I'm super excited about. Everything's starting to come together! I'm excited to see the room start to look more and more like a nursery.

January is shaping up to be another busy month, with lots of baby-related activities. We have meetings this week with a potential pediatrician and another potential daycare provider. Wish us luck...both are important decisions, that I would like to have made sooner rather than later. I also have my first baby shower this weekend with my best friend Amanda. She's down to 4 weeks, so keep her in your thoughts as she gets closer and closer to the end. Our next doctor's appointment is next week with the big glucose screening! Then, next weekend we have another family cousin Joe and his fiance Erin are getting married up in Omaha. It should be another fun evening!

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