Monday, January 18, 2010

Baby Names

So, we are sort of struggling with the baby name project all of a sudden. Maybe struggling isn't the word, but we aren't really making progress either. We had narrowed it down to about 4 names for each (boy or girl), but now we seem to be adding a few more and not absolutely loving any of them. So, while we're in the last 3 month stretch, I thought we'd see what you thought. Leave us a comment and let us know your suggestions. Remember we need a girl name & a boy name. We will consider all suggestions! Thanks so much!

Oh, and a funny story from Saturday morning. Craig has this new habit of putting his ear to my belly to listen to the little monkey inside. He was doing just this on Saturday morning, and that little monkey got a little feisty and kicked him right in the side of the head. We had a good belly laugh! Now, daddy thinks we may have a soccer champ or NFL punter growing in there! We'll see!

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