Monday, March 21, 2011

12 Months

***Since I just shared all of Delaney's birthday pictures, I thought I'd post picks of her throughout that last 12 months...hasn't she changed?!?***

It's so hard to believe that it's time for Delaney's 12 months post! Our little peanut has grown to become such a big girl in the last year. It's hard to remember that teeny-tiny baby we brought home from the hospital. At 12 months, Delaney is the happiest, most laid-back baby I've ever been around. She has quite the personality, and is become quite independent. It appears at this point that she is very much like her daddy in both looks and demeanor. This means she'll always be the life of the party and everyone's friend!
day 1
She is so close to walking these days, it's a little scary. She could totally do it now (could have weeks ago), but our little Miss Independent's stubborn side has taken over and she seems content to remain a crawler for now. Her vocabulary is also developing quite nicely. We can definitely tell she's trying to tell us things versus just making noise. She has distinct sounds and syllables. I think we're going to have quite the talker on our hands here very soon! She's not a "quiet" child! I'll walk in the room and she's say "Mom" clear as a bell! We also think she's found her words for "more" and "milk". Her favorite though is still her friend "bob". She talks about him all the time, "bob" this, and "bob" that. I'd really like to meet him sometime!
1 week
She seems to have gone through a growth spurt here recently. All of a sudden her 12 month clothes seem a little too short and snug. We are gradually working our way into her size 18 month wardrobe. It also seems like her feet have finally started to grown. She now wears size 4 shoes. It looks like they are getting wider all the time too...another trait of her daddy's. Her hair is growing thick and long these days. She's starting to get little wisps of curls at the ends. It's so cute! I can't wait to see what it does in the summer humidity! It is a sandy brown color that has shimmers of gold and red in the sunlight. It's so pretty! She has also graduated to size 4 diapers this month. They are slightly big on her, but I'm sure they will be fitting perfectly here very soon! Today we discovered that she is in fact a big girl measuring in at 30.5 inches tall, 24 lbs, and 18.25 inch head circumference. All in the 90+ percentile! Yikes!
3 months
One thing is for certain, this girl has definitely inherited all of her family's love of food. She loves to eat, and has tried sooo many new things! We have only found a handful of things she really doesn't like...potatoes, rice, and anything that we actually have to feed her with a spoon. She's too independent for that now! She has been on strictly Vitamin D milk (not formula) for about 3 weeks now. She loves it! She will always go for the fruit on her plate over the meat or vegetables. Her favorite these days seems to be red grapes! She also has a bit of a sweet tooth as she absolutely devoured her birthday cake!
6 months
She remains a rock start sleeper. She goes to bed by 8 every night and wakes up around 7:30 or so since the time change. She takes at least one good nap during the afternoon, and once in a while (especially at home on the weekends) she'll take a morning nap too! She is beyond cuddling, rocking, and all of that "baby" stuff. She likes her bedtime stories, but she rarely sits still for them. Her favorites these days is Snuggle Puppy! She's a wiggle worm at night, all over her bed. She sleeps with one of her blankies, but usually on top of it! Good things she's hot-blooded, also like her daddy!
9 months
With the start of spring weather, she has rediscovered her love of the outdoors. She loves to be outside. In the last couple weeks, she has sat and explored the grass. She was a little timid at first, but is starting to figure it out. She loves to sit and watch Izzy play out in the yard. She thinks Izzy is so funny! She also loves to dance! She will crawl over to the stereo, turn it on, and start to boogie. It's so cute! She'll turn it on, look at us, get this huge grin on her face, and start to clap! She has also mastered a few other devices around the house...the remote control, the humidifier, the oscillating fan, and the laptop!
12 months
These days Delaney is definitely more toddler than baby! She doesn't use a bottle, pacifier, or enjoy being fed with a spoon! She'd rather take care of all of this on her own. She doesn't like to cuddle or really be held most of the time. She is far too busy to have her pants changed or get dressed. Honestly, if she had her way she'd roam naked all the time! She tells us which book to read to her, and when she's ready for bed. She seems so grown up! What a year it has been?!? I can't wait to see how much she grows and changes in the next year!

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