Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Swimming Lessons: Part I

Grandma and Grandpa Mencke gave me swimming lessons for Christmas. Tonight was my first class...it was pretty fun! You will notice my studly boyfriend Parker on the right with his daddy in this picture! He's in the class too, so we now have a standing weekly date night for the next 8 weeks!
It was a little scary at first...and cold! It wasn't warm like my bath, but the teacher said it will be better next week!
Then, we moved over to the hot tub that wasn't hot, but was much warmer. I loved it over there! Here I am gliding through the water with the teacher Miss Jessica!
Here I am chasing that silly blue ball they kept teasing me with! It was so fun to glide through the water!
Here I'm working my "Circle Turns", so that if I ever accidentally fell in some water I would know what to do...turn around and find the side.
Here's Daddy and me at the end of class! I had so much fun...I can't wait until next week! I think I will learn so much by the end of the session!

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