Thursday, January 27, 2011

Crazy Dayz

It has been a little crazy around the Mencke household the last few weeks. We've been to birthday parties, started swimming lessons, moved offices (Mommy's), crawled all over, stood up all over, gotten a few forehead bruises, and cut another tooth. It's no wonder I'm so tired!

Delaney seems to be changing from a baby to a toddler very quickly these days. She went from crawling to pulling up on anything and everything in a matter of a few days. All this kid wants to do is stand. She had a few days there when she got one bruise on top of another. It was pretty nuts, but she seems to be at least missing the hard stuff when she falls now. She is getting braver too...last night she was standing with one hand on the couch and one hand on the coffee table. She went back and forth quite a few times, and even took a small step (while holding on, of course).

Delaney is also getting quite the little ornery streak going. I got our first "she hit someone" report at daycare this week. She has become a borderline baby bully. Two times in the last week she has hit another child in the face. Obviously, she was scolded, but really beyond telling her no I'm pretty clueless. At daycare, she immediately started crying after she got in trouble and put her head down on the other little girl's forehead in an attempt to say sorry. Thank goodness she isn't big enough to actually hurt any of these kids. I hope it's just a stage! She's not mean or nasty about it, she's just a little bit naughty! (Just like her daddy...)

Delaney has also been busy exploring the world of real food. She is totally over that baby food crap, she wants the good stuff. In fact, I think we may have created a monster. We can no longer eat in her presence unless we plan to share with her. The doctors say to introduce new foods one at a time for 3-5 days each time. This isn't an option with this kid. She wants it now! We have been blessed so far to have no allergic reactions to anything. She still seems to be leaning toward the fruits and veggies as her favorites, but has tried many meats and cheeses with no problems. She also seems to be a carb-lover like both of her parents! I am also afraid she may have inherited my sweet tooth...I gave her a taste of ice cream at her cousin Sydney's birthday party last weekend and she was in heaven. I think she ended up eating more of it than I did! She also tried some of her Auntie Buff's homemade Pineapple Upside-Down Cake that, she thought was the bomb! Because of all these new foods and her stubbornness with wanting to feed herself, baths are becoming more and more common for Miss D!

The countdown to Delaney's birthday is official on now...less than 2 months...51 days to be exact. I have started some of the "projects" I have been planning for months. I will share them as I complete them. I am soooo excited for this day! I want Delaney's birthday's to always be special and a big deal for her! I always felt (to no one's fault) that my birthday was always grouped into Christmas, so it was sort of an afterthought most of the time. I have also started planning my nephew's baby shower! It's going to be so fun too! I'm hoping to surprise Jess with my plans, so I'll share the details after the party! I wish I could open a party planning business, I would have so much fun! Maybe in my next life...

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