Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Reed!

Today is my boyfriend Reed's 1st birthday! He's such a big boy! I was so lucky to get to go to his birthday party last Saturday. It was so much fun! I'm even more excited for my party coming up in a couple months!
We played a little football! Reed seems to be a little more skilled in that department than me! I think we'll have to work on that this summer, Daddy!
We were running a very strategic play here...of course, we scored! Next time, Reed, I get to be the quarterback...
I wore a pretty new dress for the occasion! Isn't it cute? It was a Christmas gift from my cousins! They have great taste!
Then, Reed ate some cake! I thought he did a pretty good job of making a mess! Everyone sang and clapped! It was so much fun! Isn't he cute! Happy Birthday Big Guy!

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